Wednesday, March 16, 2011

seattle bound

leaving on a jet plane...

it may be quiet around here for a few days because the hubs and i are headed to seattle. i'm sad to leave my little birdie but it will be refreshing to have some time with the husband! 

we are trekking to seattle for united generation conference and we are pumped! it should be a crazy time.
be back soon!   


Jordan said...

oh my gosh have fun!! I hope you get some time to hang out around Seattle, it's one of my favorite places ever. I wanted to move there at one point but somehow ended up in rural Idaho. Anyway, in my WILW post today I wrote about you. :) Have a safe trip!

Kelly said...

have a wonderful time. i'm trying not to be jealous. i've always wanted to go to seattle.

danielle @ take heart said...

awesome! have such a great time!! i love seattle!

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