Tuesday, November 30, 2010

enchanted woodland

take a peak into the fabulous enchanted woodland that becki snyder created for her little emma's 1st birthday.

enchanted woodland birthday party invitation: the inspiration for the party was a color palette of aqua blue, vibrant pink, funky orange and chocolate brown accented with woodgrain textures, whimsical forest animals and mushrooms.

custom party hats for the lads and lassies: handcrafted and trimmed in pom-pom fringe & tulle with chocolate brown ribbon ties. plain for the boys and orange for the girls. 

party hat for the birthday girl trimmed in pink tulle.

tissue paper pom-poms: 50 pom-poms floated and bounced in the breeze around the pavilion. after the party, they sent some home with friends and repurposed a few of the pom-poms as part of the decor in emma's room.

table decor: tables were dressed in chocolate brown and layered atop with billows of orange and pink tulle.

tree trunk display: cut tree trunks were stacked and used at different heights to display the whimsical mushroom cupcakes, which were wonderfully made by hazel artisan bakery. each mushroom was crafted by hand. 

whimsical mushroom cupcakes.

iced sugar cookies in orange and pink.

cupcake for the birthday girl. 

eco-friendly party straws on the beverage table.

party favors: bubbles custom wrapped and tagged with twine.

the birthday girl: in her orange and pink tutu.

how darling was this party! thank you becki for sharing your spectacular creativity with us! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Phinnie & Pais

 my lovely friend jackie and I have just opened our Etsy shop Phinnie & Pais! named after our daughters phinley and paisley we created this business because of our love of all things cutesie! specializing in hair accessories, baby leg warmers, hair clip organizer's and much much more! you will surely be able to find something here for girls of all ages in your life!

here are just a few of the precious items you'll see at our shop!

we've opened just in time for your black friday and Christmas shopping! there are over 60 items for sale so please come check out Phinnie & Pais

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

hang some holiday cheer!

want to add a splash of fun to your christmas decorations this year? try out this super easy yet festive holiday banner! start by choosing a line your favorite christmas carol!

what you'll need: 

1.  card stock in colors of your choice 
2. scissors
3. hole punch 
4. jewelry wire or twine 
5. printed out letters to use as tracers 


start by cutting out the printed letters 

step 2

once all the printed letters are cut use them to trace out letters on your card stock.

when all the letters are traced and cut out lay them out in order.

step #3

use the whole punch to punch hole's on both sides of the letters.

step #4

thread the fishing wire through the hole's and secure the wire on the back of the letter with a piece of scotch tape. 

step #5

hang your banner and enjoy the holiday cheer!

Monday, November 22, 2010

{we love your love}

it's seriously astounding to me how many wonderfully talented people i know. colleen shawk is one of those people. she is the owner of
  {we love your love} photographycolleen started in the art of photography because of one thing, love. her love for her sweet nieces and nephews and wanting to capture all of their darling moments. her passion and artistic eye for photography was clearly evident and it didn't take long for people to start requesting her to take photo's of their family and events and so she decided to take on the photography endeavor that has now become {we love your love} photography

i love the quality of what she captures, it is simply breathtaking. you can view more of colleen's astounding work and book your next session at  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

coffee sleeve

have you ever seen those fancy sleeves you can purchase to dress up your paper coffee cups? here is a simple tutorial featured in parents magazine that will allow you to make these delightful sleeves at home! get your kiddies involved and let them feel like they helped you make something super special for that favorite drink you sip every morning! 

here is what you'll need:

1. scissors
2. two buttons 
3. hot glue gun
4. colorful sock
5. felt 

step #1

cut your sock so it is approximately 4 inches in length.

your sock should look similar to this. 

step #2

cut a 1/4in x 3in strip of felt slicing the ends to give the appearance of a mini scarf. 

step #3

arrange your buttons and mini scarf how you like and hot glue them down.


simply slide the sleeve on to your paper cup and your done! 

so easy and positively darling. 
you can also make this a festive holiday delight by using a christmas themed sock!

Friday, November 19, 2010

ethan's mod monkey birthday

there is nothing quite like a first birthday. knowing that you miraculously survived your first year of parenthood with this precious little life and didn't screw it up somehow is immensely rewarding! here is a glimpse into ethan's lovely first birthday party. the theme was mod monkey's and the vibrant blue and yellow colors just make you feel happy! jacqui did such a great job decorating!

ethan's party was such a success! it's inspirational to look at these photos and come up with creative ideas for your own party! thank you jacqui! 
check out jacqui's blog livin life and lovin it.