Tuesday, July 5, 2011

let's celebrate!

oh summer how we love you. we've been doing lot's of this lately . . . 

and i love it .

my sweet bloggy friend anna from in honor of design is celebrating some ginormous milestones within her business and blog and i am so honored that she asked me to join in on the celebration! 

anna i just want to say i think you are an amazingly beautiful and talented women and i wish you the best as your business continues to flourish! 

first of all how stinkin' cute is her packaging? love. 

i'm wearing her postcard "i love you" necklace. 

just presh. you have to check out all of anna's amazingness so go here and swoon.

congrats anna! much love to you. 

and i just have to leave you with this face. delightfully yummy. 

hope you all are enjoying summer as much as we are!


Jordan said...

Steph, you are just so beautiful!! Glad you and Paisley are having such a fun summer!

Anna of IHOD said...

What an incredibly sweet post. I am so thankful to you for helping me celebrate, all your encouragment, and support. Apreciation is an understatement!

And I agree...summer has been lots of water fun and I am eating it up. You and your daughter are just gorgeous.

Kelly said...

I LOVE YOU! i'm glad you are enjoying your summer... fun Fun FUN!
anna's stuff is amazing, love the necklace. LOVE

Jami said...

That necklace is sooo cute! glad you popped in for a little post ;)can there ever be enough swimming?

simplyvonne said...

i just love that necklace from Ana! your daughter is precious!!!

CaseyWiegand said...

i LOVE that necklace and you are so beautiful friend!

Jamie said...

Eeeep. You look like Mila Kunis! How is that fair? ;0) Love that pic of your little girl in the pink...hat? Whatever it is on her head, it's pink and I love it. :0)


found you!
i followed the lil' hand from Anna's blog...
and since blogger is not wanting to let me follow you i thought i would let you know ; )



heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

Such a cute necklace!!

dana @ wonder forest said...

lovely necklace, love the packaging too! and i agree with Casey you are beautiful!
xo dana

Mrs. C said...

I love this necklace...I have one too!!!! Anna has the cutest stuff! Recently found your site and I am loving! You have a new follower!!! :)

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