Tuesday, April 5, 2011

go shoeless

today is the one day without shoes campaign put on by toms shoes. the goal is to bring awareness to the overwhelming need for shoes in less fortunate areas of the world where many children do not even have one pair of shoes to wear. break. my. heart.  

i really love toms because not only do they host great days like today to bring awareness to this significant cause but every pair of toms shoes you buy they in return give one pair away to a child in need. it seriously doesn't get much better then that!

and a total bonus is that their shoes are so super cute. 

they even have pint size shoes called tiny toms for your little guy or gal. 

so here is my challenge for you today.  if you can, take your shoes off to help bring awareness to this amazing cause and go to toms site right now. yes, right this very second and order yourself a pair {or two} of toms to help a kid in need. 

these are my toms and i lurve them.


Kelly said...

when i bought my toms last year i made a really bad choice! i got natural canvas. UGH!!! i have boys who step on my feet all. the. time. i still wear them but they are gross! maybe today is a good day to order the burlap ones i've been swooning over.

oh & i love how you always put humanitarian-esque projects on your blog.
2 thumbs up friend!

Jordan said...

That burlap pair is super adorable. The only thing better than them donating a pair is if you bought a pair and then donated those as well (but then you'd be without shoes). lol.

MrsFry said...

yay! i have a blog now like you cool kids!
LOVE your toms! i want em'!

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