beauty tips

                                                  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2011

beauty essentials

i get asked quite often what makeup products i use. there's no way i could fill you in on every product i use in one post because i have an unglodly amount of makeup. maybe one day i'll let you take a peek at my collection but for now i picked out my top 8 products that i presently could not live without. well i'm sure i could live without them but it wouldn't be pretty! 


1. sephora airbrush concealer brush {this brush is amazing}
2. benefit boi~ing concealer
3. maybelline falsies mascara {my fav cheap-o mascara}
4.bare minerals vintage peach blush
5. korres lip butter in jasmine
6. opi nail lacquer glitzerland
7. benefit BADgal lash {my all time fav}
8. bare minerals smokey "v" eye tutorial and shades

what are your go-to products? i'm always looking to expand my stockpile!



my 100th post!!!

can you believe it? today is my 100th post!


the funny thing is what i am blogging about for my 100th post. it's positively silly. 

today's post is about hair. yes, you heard me right, hair. ever since i was a small fry i've had curly hair. 
and i'm sure when i was a child it was darling but as i grew up it became the thorn in my flesh. uncontrollable, frizzy, whacked out curly hair. 

below is one of the ways i regularly wear my hair. 

Photo on 2011-04-20 at 16.22

blown out with a round brush for the roots and a flat brush for the ends and then straightened with a flat iron. 


this is how i mostly wear my hair. {sorry for the awesome awful pic.} 
blown out again and styled with a curling iron.

now below my loves is what my hair does when i get out of the shower and simply let it air dry . . .

Picnik collage

hello crazy 80's hair. it's actually a lot less curly now since i had my babe but still looks like something straight from a heart music video. 

{side note: i also have been dealing with a sinus infection for the past week, i have no make-up on and i'm still in my pajamas. sorry for all the grossness.} 

anyhooo . . . i know women always say we should embrace the natural beauty God has given us etc. etc. but is it ok that i just don't like my curly hair? that i would rather straighten it every day if i have to? am i a disgrace to women all over the world? {just kidding about that last part.} 

what do you think? and do you have a hair dilemma? please doooo tell. 

happy cinco de mayo!!!