Monday, February 28, 2011

win big by helping someone else

you may have noticed the colorful button at the side of my page that i recently added titled
 "the paxton project". this button represents the lives of the miller family who are on their journey to adopt a child. you can read their touching story here.

{the miller family} 

alissa from rags to stitches boutique has made it her mission to help the miller family. right now on her blog you can enter 3 giveaway's with a combined valued of $1200 by simply donating a gift as small as $5 to the paxton project. come on now, that's less then you spend at the golden arches in one visit! many of the items you could win are handmade and my own shop phinnie and pais has also donated some items to help with this great cause. i believe we should always be looking for ways to reach out and help others. it's time to come out of a place of thinking only of ourselves and become a community where we desire to see others lives helped and touched in a genuine way. so my question to you today is this. will this just be another post that you read and pass by. or will you take the time to read the miller's story, pray about what god would have you do and possibly give to a cause that will most likely save a child's life. will you help the miller family adopt?

click here

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what i love wednesday



aren't these eclectic kitchens just delicious? i'm pretty sure if my kitchen looked like that i would cook a whole lot more {ok maybe not}. share what you love over at krystina's darling blog lollipops. just click on the graphic below and link up! happy wednesday!

Monday, February 21, 2011

tickle me tuesday

here we are with another tuesday upon us. which means another edition of tickle me tuesday! yay! i don't know what it's been like where you live but we recently had a heat wave {it got up to 57 degrees!} and all the icky white stuff was melted {hallelujah}! don't get to excited for me though because in the blink of an eye today i went from being able to see my grass to looking at 5 inches of snow out my window. yay! {that yay was laced with heavy sarcasm.} so i am once again pining for spring, hence my choices for tickle me tuesday. if you haven't linked up yet head over to sarah b. 's blog and join in on the fun. thanks sarah! you are a sweet soul.  

gorgeous dress from urban outfitters 

adorable hair comb by pretty little me

golden clutch from york town road

combat boots from forever 21

i know, i know the boots aren't very "springy" although i think they would look delish with the dress pictured above but my hubbs just bought them for me and i lo lo love them! 

thanks for stopping by! and you may have noticed some changes to the blog like the hearts background...i kind of get bored easy. have a great tuesday!

save a life

this post is quite a bit more serious then i typically write but human trafficking is a quandary that pierced my heart a while ago and i haven't been able to shake ever since. there are still an abundance of people who are not aware of human trafficking and many who are acquainted with the topic know of it because they saw an episode of law and order svu or heard it mentioned briefly on the news. thankfully sex slavery has been steadily been rising to the surface of social justice issues and is receiving more attention.

my plea to you today is to open your eyes and get informed. there is no possible way you won't be affected once you hear the horrendous accounts of what happens to these children, women and even men. your heart will be forever altered and hopefully you will be moved to respond in one way or another.

"When confronted with the horrific statistics surrounding human trafficking, it is easy to agree on the fact that "someone should do something." The A21 Campaign was born when the decision was made to put our hand up and be that "someone". It was a decision of ordinary people who decided to take responsibility regarding the issue of human trafficking. So with little knowledge, and a lot of passion, in 2007 we set out to make a difference."
- The A21 Campaign

a great trustworthy crusade to get involved with is the a21 campaign. they are seriously committed to abolishing slavery in the 21st century.

"Our approach to the human trafficking issue is based on the four-part organization strategy outlined by International Justice Mission: 1) Victim relief, 2) Perpetrator accountability, 3) Victim after-care, and 4) Structural prevention." - The A21 Campaign

If you are wondering how you can be a help A21 provides 21 ways to for you to get involved on their site.

here are just a few ways they suggest. please go to there site and get informed on all the ways you can assist this cause.

1. spread the word
2. use your talent {blog about it, paint a picture and display it in a public place, arrange a fundraiser etc.}
3.start an awareness group
4. educate yourself

there are over 1.39 million, thats right MILLION victims of commercial sexual servitude worldwide. approximately 600,00 to 800,00 are trafficked annually and YOU can be a part of the justice that will take place. it's time we stop turning our heads the other way. we stop ignoring the problem and start being the solution. it's time we all step up and do our part. what will you do? i compel you to get involved and spread the word. 

start by watching this video. it will surely inspire you.

"The A21 Campaign stands for abolishing injustice in the 21st century. Anyone can join - everyone can make a difference." - The A21 Campaign

Thursday, February 17, 2011

toy story

i love discovering unique and special toys for my little birdie. while they may be a bit more pricey then your average playskool or fisher-price plaything it's fun to choose from these more distinctive and 
uncommon pieces. there is a whole world of unusual children's toys you just have to peek around a bit! 

isn't that kitchen set just dreamy! maybe when my monkey is older we'll snatch one up for her! 

what's your favorite children's toy?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1 john 4:8

"...but anyone who does not love does not know god for god is love." 
1 john 4:8 

{forever god is love} 

valentines day was not only a time to celebrate the love of my life but a day to reflect on the immeasurable love of my beloved father god. his love never fails or gives up on me and i desire him more then anything. because he has poured more love on me then i can contain i try my best to allow this love to cascade out of my life and onto those all around me. be encouraged today by the fact that he loves you and because of this truth you can love others. 

 valentines day was such a fun time. i made this heart hair accessory just for the day. oh yeah i'm so festive. ; ) and i got to hang with my parents and baby girl all day, doesn't get much better then that!

and here is what my hubby's gift looked like. i just couldn't wait for him to come home from work and open it! there was a 59fifty new york yankees hat inside. and i was so happy he loved it since i had no idea which one he wanted! nothing better then giving gifts to people you love!

if you haven't told me yet fill me in on what fun you had on v-day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lady fashion



1. francescas collections red blouse
2. threadscence colored rain beaded neckalce 
3. modcloth rock-on-jeans
4. forever 21 fair isle jacket
6. francescas collections persimmon bag
7. modcloth campsite sweater

i'm loving all these pieces and that they are all under $50! 

hope you all have a lovely weekend! we are headed to a church harvest party with lots of candy and fun ! still not sure what to dress our little birdie up as though . . . guess i better go work on that. 


     teal and orange love

i seriously can't get enough of these two colors. i'm ready to paint my whole house teal and orange.
who's with me?

ok, maybe i took that a little too far.
Picnik collagePicnik collagePicnik collagePicnik collage

swoony swoon swoon.

{all photo's via pinterest}

TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011

the short of it

with it feeling like summer is in full swing already here are some shorts i've been crushing on as of late. 
aren't they just dreamy?


1. zara 3. h&m 4. anthropologie 5. zara 

linking up with the lovely sarah b. for another edition of tickle me tuesday, where we share what's been tickling our fancy lately! it's so easy to link up just click here and join in! these are a few items that have been tickling my pocketbook all week!

i guess i have a thing for mustard this week! we would all love to see what you've been crushing on so come on over to yes teacher and link up!

tickle me tuesday's

joining up with yes teacher's "tickle me tuesday's" where you share what's been tickling your fancy lately! here's what's been getting me!

gorgeous vintage chair 

vintage high waisted skirt 

brown vintage oxfords

red satchel

share some of your latest favorites here.


white beginnings

    white is a symbol of fresh beginnings. with the new year upon us let's revive our closets, our home's and accessories by exploring the alluring and magical world of white. it's romantic, it's gleaming, it's youthful, its you.
    all photo's via etsy