zoo day

i hope you all had a fabulous memorial day! it was 90 degrees and sunny here and we had a ball. i'll post some pics of it later.

for today i thought i'd share some of photos of paisley's first trip to the zoo with her nina, poppa and cousin. 


Picnik collage

we got to ride a camel but pais was a little too small so she chatted with this friendly guy till we were done. 


melt. my. heart. 

Picnik collage

yep. i'm that mom that puts her kid on a leash. funny thing is she loved it. and i'll never definitely be leashing her up again. 


my nephew transformed into a super hero for they day. he's pretty cool like that. 


the kiddies were totally over walking by the end of the day. so we shoved them both into the stroller and they thought it was so silly and fun. 

Picnik collage

we ended the perfect day with a ride on the train! 

so so fun. i love the zoo. have you been lately? is there a good zoo where you live?