Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what i love wednesday

Picnik collage

1. a sweater for my apple? uhhh yes please!

2. i will take a bite or two from this delightfully mouth watering vegan cupcake. actually i think i'll go ahead and eat the whole darn thing. {don't judge me.}

3. lovin' this handmade antique inspired necklace by sora designs. so curious to see what it would look like on!

4. how adorable is this magnetic memo board from shugabee lane. pretty sure i need one in my kitchen. 

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Bonita Rose said...

that magnetic board is beautiful!

Ashley said...

Do you think the icing is caramel or peanut butter? OR TOFFEE?!?!

Megs said...

I have seen these cute apple sweaters, they are so stinkin cute! I am going to make them jiovanis teachers! And the magnetic board is inspiring too! Oh yeah, I reallllly like vegan cupcakes! They are the best!

Cassandra said...

I wanted to make something similar to the magnetic board but a pin board. Now I like the magnetic board better!

Jami said...

I want a sweater for my apple!!!

Kelly said...

love the sweater for the apple & the memo board.

april@gingerbread girl said... sweater for the apple is rediculous...i want it...loves


Jordan said...

I love them all!! I think number 4 is my favorite because it's so stinkin' cute but number two is calling out to me. It's saying, "EAT ME Jordan, you know you want to, I promise you won't regret it!"

BB Goad said...

I would love a sweater for my apple...such a fun find!!!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Love that magnetic board for sure!

P.S. About your comment yesterday? I'm not a fan of country music either... ;)

kayla rotola said...

I love each of these things. Especially that memo board! And that apple sweater is cracking me up! I would totally use that. Your blog is so cute.

Thanks so much for your comment on my cupcake post!

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