Tuesday, April 12, 2011

how we do spring in the 330

we had record temps here in ohio on sunday. i think we may have hit 80 degrees. our neighborhood was littered with children playing, dogs walking and the sound of birds chirping. oh how we've missed thee spring. 


of course we had to get outside and enjoy the delightful weather too. we played with a giant orange ball.

Picnik collage

watch out, here's where it gets crazy . . . we played with a giant green ball too!

Picnik collage

we stood around looking super fly for the paparazzi in our hot pink tights. 

Picnik collage

then we showed daddy how you're really supposed to play with golf balls. 
{little birdie was shocked that he didn't know.}


the ice cream man even made an appearance. he showed up just in time to take advantage of all the kids who have been trapped inside for the past 5 months. 
{if you're an ice cream man i'm just joking i know we all have to make a living.} 

Picnik collage

pais was looking so fresh in her jean shorts and tan moccasins until she fell on the pavement and scraped her knee. then i was really regretting the whole shorts thing. oops. 


overall we had a magnificent day riding with the widows down and enjoying the delicious weather here in north east ohio. don't get too excited for me though. today it's in the 40's again. 


taylasjourneyhome said...

you should SEE my lady's little knees...she falls constantly!

Jessi said...

aww she is so cute :)

My daughter seems to always hit her face when she falls!

Kelly said...

sorry your little birdie got hurt! she does however ROCK the shorts and MOCS!

i hope your spring weather comes back real soon!



Jordan said...

Aww she's so cute, I love that little face. Yay for nice days outside. It was nice yesterday and so far it's nice today too. I think we're going to take Jewelsy for a walk.

Jennifer said...

Yesterday was sunny {windy} and 85 degrees. Today it's 45 and raining. Ha! Spring comes in spurts for us I guess. Sweet photos! =)

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