Saturday, May 7, 2011

my mom's better then yours . . .

j /k  j /k  j /k  omg  lol.  

i don't really think my mom's better then yours, oh wait a minute yes i do . . . 


she's super hot . . . 


she used to be a flapper . . . 


she shoots guns! hello! if that's not hot i don't know what is.


she is best friends with all her sisters . . . 

Picnik collage

she's a devoted wife, a caring mother, and the funnest nina {aka grandma} in the entire world!!!


most importantly she is a lover and disciple of Jesus Christ, a compassionate pastor and preacher, and a true example to me and all women around her of how to live a pure and Godly life. 


i love you momma. i have learned so much from you over the years. you have forever been my rock and i know i can always talk to you about anything and you will never judge me or turn your back on me. you have taught me how to be a tender mommy to paisley, a loving wife and a true follower of Christ and i respect and love you more then you could ever know! now that i'm grown {and i don't have to get my bottom spanked anymore} i treasure the friendship we share.

happy mothers day!!!
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Jami said...

Sweet post! Happy Mother's Day girlie!

Erin said...

So sweet. Your mama is pretty awesome, but my mama is her big sister and I think she could take her ;) Love you both, Happy Early Mothers day!!!

Kelly said...

Steph, you two are GORGEOUS!
happy mothers day i hope it's a fantastic one!

Alely said...

so, so, sweet!

happy mother's day beautiful friend!

CaseyWiegand said...

oh she is beautiful, as are u!!!!

danielle @ take heart said...

this is so sweet, what a great mama you have and she is totally hot.

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