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Phinnie & Pais is my sweet little shop that i started with my dearest friend. we would love for you to visit  and see all our cutesie items adorable handmade goods.
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phinnie & pais

incase you haven't had a chance to stop by our shop {phinnie & pais} and see all of our new goodies here is a little peek into our cutesie world for baby, big sis and momma. 

we would love for you to come by and see ALL of our fun and cutesie items at {phinnie and pais}


groundhog day

we have had a slightly an intense winter here in ohio up to date. and part of me feels like it's just getting started! there have been several downpours of snow and as of last night an ice storm that has left 25,000 people in our community without power and forced our city officials to declare a state of emergency! we are immensely grateful that we have not lost our power in our home and are praying for those all around the city that are without. i'm not sure that mr. groundhog will be able to find his way out of his iced over hole here in ohio today!

 we've been stowed away in our home for the last two days so to pass the time i've been working on some new phinnie & pais items! 

so that's what the weather is doing here! how is it where you live? hope you are safe and warm wherever you are!

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