little fashion


little fashion

{grown up look via h&m}

little look:
1. ruffle shoulder top 
2. quilted puff coat
3. navajo belt

so love this look. any little lady would be just dreamy in it! 


a quick hello from paisley. she helped me bake a vegan chocolate cake a couple days ago. 

who am i kidding all she did was lick the icing up. 

still love her to pieces even though she's no help in the kitchen.



kids fashion + party update

 this children's line has me swooning. are you acquainted with hucklebones? seriously some of the cutest clothes i have seen. i'm pretty sure pais just told me she want's every single piece they have. {wink}


you can check out this beautiful line here. 

and coming very soon a look into paisley's 2nd birthday party! eeep! i'm so excited to share it with you.


kids fashion

what i love wednesday 

love. love. love. 


bobo choses: bunny onesie, bunny t-shirt, cookie romper, candy bell skirt
finger in the nose: velour pants
album di famiglia: striped dress, button down dress
estella: leather baby bootie
pom pom: necklace

all of these darling items can  be found at estella and this week you can get their striped kids leggings for only $5! yeow!!! that's a lovely deal.  


MONDAY, MAY 16, 2011

kids fashion

i have to say i am not typically inclined to the stylings of the guess brand. it's just not my thing. but i was pleasantly surprised with some of their kids/baby wear for spring and summer 2011. 


i'm loving the rompers for little girlies and the stone wash denim for the boys. check out more of guess's line here

happy monday! 


what i love wednesday

i know what you're thinking. "you're just now getting into pinterest?" i think i've mentioned before that sometimes i feel as though i am living under a rock and that saying rings true once again.

i had heard of pinterest a few months ago and thought "uggghh not another social networking thing to suck up my time." i continued to put off even visiting the site despite the fact that all my bloggy friends were raving about it. 

well i finally gave in and it had me at "hello what would you like to pin today?" 

for those of you who are much like me and have no clue what pinterest is here is the lowdown from their site: 
"What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social catalog service. Think of it as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can post collections of things you love, and "follow" collections created by people with great taste." 

 pretty much it's like a giant pin board where you can pin any awesome thing you find from any website. 


here are some images from my pinterst finds for the tiny loves . . . 


linking up with lollipops! come on over and link up your loves too!

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just wanted to say a big thank you to all my readers, friends and family that voted for love. life. babies. in the circle of moms top 25 kids' style blogs! we made it! and i am so excited. but i couldn't have done it without you
so thank you. thank you. thank you!



kids fashion

i have been a fan of zara for about 10 years. we were first introduced when i lived in singapore many moons ago. {that's a story in and of itself. what an experience.} i remember the first time i walked into a zara i thought my eye balls would pop right out of my head. i was in fashion heaven. they had at least 7 stores in that little country that takes about 45 minutes to drive completely across and we have 0, yes 0, here in ohio. big tear. 

obviously i had no kids back then so i have no clue if they even had a children's line of clothes. all i know is they do now and it is c.u.t.e. 



my father actually shops at zara quite a bit and was told by sales representatives that they will possibly begin selling items online in the u.s. of a. very soon. let's cross our fingers!

check out the rest of their amazingness here.

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thanks everyone! xox


what i love wednesday

everything to make your baby girl absolutely dreamy on the beach . . . 

1. darling floral ruffle bikini 
2. fabulous oversized sunglasses
3. embroidered beach cover-up
4. woven straw fedora {is this not the cutest thing you ever saw?}
5. large straw tote
6. california baby sunscreen {hands down my fav sunscreen for kids}
7. stinkin' precious pink petal sandle 

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what i love wednesday

Picnik collage


how could you not love a children's company called happy little hippos? the name itself makes me grin ear to ear and then when i see the clothes, accessories and room d├ęcor it just puts me in a happy place.

head over to lollipops and link up what you are loving today. 


*check back tomorrow to hear the rest of paisley's dramatic birth story. if you didn't catch part one you can check it out here.* 

{photo by lisa christine photography}


kids fashion

need some fresh inspiration for your whippersnapper's wardrobe?  
{side note: when i was a kid whippersnapper was one of my favorite words. we even have an old video of me jumping in front of the camera and saying it over and over and over to the point my parents had threaten me to stop saying it. yes, i was a weird one.}

anyhoo back to some brilliant kids fashion...

enter the spring/summer collection from stella mccartney kids. nough said. 
you can start drooling . . . now. 


go shoeless

today is the one day without shoes campaign put on by toms shoes. the goal is to bring awareness to the overwhelming need for shoes in less fortunate areas of the world where many children do not even have one pair of shoes to wear. break. my. heart.  

i really love toms because not only do they host great days like today to bring awareness to this significant cause but every pair of toms shoes you buy they in return give one pair away to a child in need. it seriously doesn't get much better then that!

and a total bonus is that their shoes are so super cute. 

they even have pint size shoes called tiny toms for your little guy or gal. 

so here is my challenge for you today.  if you can, take your shoes off to help bring awareness to this amazing causeand go to toms site right now. yes, right this very second and order yourself a pair {or two} of toms to help a kid in need. 

these are my toms and i lurve them.

green baby

i'm a work in progress. concerning being 'green' that is. the area of my life where i am most green is where my daughter is involved. using organic dish soap, disinfecting wipes and not wearing perfume around her are just a few of the changes i've made. but i know i can do a lot more. for those mom's and dad's who are also interested in making smart and healthy choices for your little ones there is a great clothing company you might want to check moiche features stylish collections that are less like baby clothes and more like mini adult clothes. pieces that i myself would wear. not only do they pride themselves in their clothing not being too 'cutesy' but all of their clothing is environmentally friendly and made out of 100% certified organic cotton. 

please check out mini mioche you'll love it!

i have become infatuated with this children's line of clothes matilda jane. so glad that tayla thomforde introduced me to it! i must have a trunk show soon and i think paisley should have one of everything...

i heart these clothes. click here to see more matilda jane clothing.


phinnie & pais

incase you haven't had a chance to stop by our shop {phinnie & pais} and see all of our new goodies here is a little peek into our cutesie world for baby, big sis and momma. 

we would love for you to come by and see ALL of our fun and cutesie items at {phinnie and pais}


tickle me tuesday's

it's tickle me tuesday again! i'm starting to really love tuesday's! it's fun to share all the things you've been admiring lately! if you haven't linked up yet go to yes teacher's blog and join in! we want to see all the lovely things that have been tickling your fancy!

i recently discovered this gorgeous children's line called blue pony vintage and FELL IN LOVE! their 2011 spring line is light and airy and inspired by the roaring 20's. 

stop by there site and see what you think! don't forget to link up for tickle me tuesday as well!


tickle me tuesdays

joining up with yes teacher for another tickle me tuesday! here are some of the lovely things i've been admiring lately and they're all about kiddo's. link up and share some of your favorites here.

red velvet art children's dress 

phinnie and pais "i heart" hair clip

graphicspaceswood owl bookend 

i'd love to see what's been tickling your fancy! come and share at yes teacher.


phinnie & pais

phinnie & pais has some new items you don't want to pass up! the new "i heart" collection is simply stunning! these are great pieces for you or your little one and so so lovely for baby photography! snag them up for valentines day!

see more delicious items here.