Monday, June 27, 2011

bloggy vacay

i'm officially the worst blogger ever. but thankfully since i'm not taking on any sponsors at this time i don't have to feel guilty about not producing a post every single day! whew!

however i have been so so busy this summer going to parks, swimming, eating watermelon, and loving on my hubby and baby girl that i am officially taking a bloggy vacay through the summer. 

this doesn't mean i'll be MIA all summer i'll pop in here or there for a surprise post but for the most part things will be pretty quiet. 

you all are amazing and i miss you so much! but this feels right to do for the summer! 

so yay for bloggy vacay! starting . . .  now!


Jami said...

Enjoy mamma!

Jordan said...

Have the best summer!!

Kelly said...

have a super RAD summer friend!

the mom diggity said...

Enjoy it friend!!! Have a wonderful summer :)

taylasjourneyhome said...

I completely feel the same blog has taken a total dive because I am so busy enjoying the summer! There is just too much fun to be had digging in the garden and playing in the sprinkler with my little lady to sit and write!

christalena said...

What a great idea! Take the pressure off. It's so hard to keep up with everything. It's worth it to just enjoy your family! I hope you guys continue to have a really amazing summer!

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