Friday, March 25, 2011

faith friday


have you heard of soaping? no, i'm not referring to dove, lever 2000, or whatever favorite brand you use. soaping is a super practical way to do daily devotions in your b.i.b.l.e. {yes that's the book for me} and i am in love with it. being a mom, wife and simply a human being distractions can easily keep me away from reading the most important book in my life, but this useful tool has kept me on track and i am thankful.


soaping is a simple way of journaling while you study your bible...below is the acronym for s.o.a.p.

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i love my beautiful tree of life journal that my hubs bought me but you can also get these life journals {pictured above} that are made specifically for journalling and "soaping". 

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these life journals are great because they have a yearly reading plan already set up {hello!} that you can easily follow. they explain to you all about soaping and even have an area to document your prayers. 


i know that soaping isn't necessary to get into heaven . . . at least i think . . . {harty har  just  messing please don't write me an email} but it certainly has helped me not only stay consistent with my bible reading but also take more insight away from what i've just read.

see more about journaling and purchase your own life journal here. and if you start soaping or do something similar let me know! i'd love to hear about it. 


Allison said...

I really like this idea!! Might have to give this a try!!

Kelly said...

i learned about s.o.a.p. a couple years ago and used it for a while but, of course got distracted. thanks for the reminder friend!
happy weekend!

sarah said...

i have never heard of this, but it sounds great. such a wonderful way to meditate on verses & really study God's word!! thanks for sharing! :)

Toaster4JC said...

Loved hearing about this method. May have to try it myself with my quiet times. It's similar to the inductive Bible study method I used in college with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. We had the passages printed out on paper without chapter numbers, verse numbers, subheadings, etc. Then we would mark up our "manuscripts." We would mark things like, repeated words, comparisons, contrasts, places, who was in it, questions we had. Then as a group we'd discuss our observations. That would lead to interpretation (what does this passage me in this context). After that we'd talk about application (how does this apply today). Great tools for studying :).

Ally said...

I really like this and it's DO-able! Thank you, Steph, for taking the time to post it!

MJonas_ said...

your blog is so cute!
if you want you will be my follower!:)

Anything but Bland said...

that book is beauuutiful!

love, polly :)

Heather said...

Awesome! A whole new kind of SOAP note.

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