Thursday, January 27, 2011

phinnie & pais

phinnie & pais has some new items you don't want to pass up! the new "i heart" collection is simply stunning! these are great pieces for you or your little one and so so lovely for baby photography! snag them up for valentines day!

see more delicious items here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tickle me tuesday's

joining up with yes teacher's "tickle me tuesday's" where you share what's been tickling your fancy lately! here's what's been getting me!

gorgeous vintage chair 

vintage high waisted skirt 

brown vintage oxfords

red satchel

share some of your latest favorites here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

lisa christine photography

today i am highlighting my dear friend and exceptionally talented photographer lisa austin. her work is creative, stylish and delightfully real. she know's exactly how to capture the most treasured moments in your life and sustain them forever. some of my favorite things about lisa are her bubbly spirit and contagious laugh! she always fills a room with her laughter. 

{How did you get into photography?} 
In middle school and high school, I was obsessed with documenting any and everything my friends and I did. It's cliche, but I loved the idea of preserving a moment in time. I started learning the technical/artistic aspects of it through classes in high school. I did it as a hobby, poorly, for a couple of years. While planning our wedding, Chad and I met and started working with a local photographer who taught us pretty much everything we know about photographing weddings and running a photography business.

{What activities do you love to do in your free time?}
I read, anything I can learn from, I'm not a fan of fiction. I'm trying to learn how to knit right now, which is equal parts frustrating/fun. In warmer weather, I just love to be in the sunshine. But most of my free time is spent cuddled up in one of my 9,087 blankets with Chad : )

{Tell us something we may not know about you!}
I am the heaviest sleeper most people have ever met. I can sleep through storms/loud noises, falling out of bed, being in a room full of people. I can also fall asleep almost anywhere. I take my unconsciousness very seriously.

{Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?}
In general, I try to keep my eyes open all of the time for inspiration. I take a lot of random photos with my phone of outfits/ideas/colors/poses/props that I love. I try to combine the things that inspire me with each client's personality.
More specifically, for toddlers and older kids sessions: Kids clothing ads. For baby sessions: my peers. I follow a lot of photographers blogs to see how they're lighting and posing babies.

 lisa is so insanely talented and even took this lovely pic of my baby girl {below}! i love it so much i just had to share it with you. if you are interested in booking lisa for your photography needs you can contact her here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

vintage baby

adoring these genuine vintage baby clothes from belle heir. seriously if they had these in big people sizes i'd be purchasing them. i don't believe there is anything more divine then vintage baby clothing. LOVE.

aren't they just sublime? fall in love {and purchase}  belle heir's items by clicking here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

clean house

{the view from my family room this morning}

i'm sure there were a few of us who made the unattainable new years resolution to maintain a flawless home in 2011 {guilty}. as i have attempted this resolution numerous times before, this year i'm actually accomplishing it and finding it is much more manageable then i thought. you just have to have a little plan! at least for me this is the only way i can stay on top of the heaping piles of mess. 

the plan:

step #1
get yourself some scrapbook paper, a sharpie, a ruler and some fancy scissors {regular ones will also do just fine}.

step #2
cut a 3in x 12in strip of scrapbook paper and grab the sharpie!

step #3
use your sharpie and ruler to draw straight lines {enough for each day of the week} across the paper.

step #4
fill in your spaces with the days of the week and which rooms in your house you will try to clean that day. it helps to pair a large room with a smaller room 
{ex. kitchen and laundry room}.

step #5
fasten that bad boy on the fridge and do your best to follow it every day! you can even laminate it so you don't get yucky yucks all over it.

there are definitely days i haven't been able to keep up with this, but i get more accomplished having goals plastered in front of me every time i open the fridge {which is a lot} versus not having any goals at all.  

*let me know if you try this out and if it helps you keep a "clean house"*

Monday, January 17, 2011

love note's

every single day my thoughtful husband leaves me affectionate love notes *pictured above* before he heads off to work.  it's my favorite part of my morning. tumbling down the stairs with sleep still in my eyes and crazy hair, i round the corner and in the kitchen there it is, my love note perched on the counter. even though each note is short it's super sweet and it literally makes my day. 

here is the one he left me still makes me smile even now!

who's day could you enrich by leaving them a simple heart felt love note today?

i'm getting him back today by hanging one on the bathroom mirror! hopefully he won't read this post and will be surprised when he gets home!

get creative and go make someones day!

Friday, January 14, 2011

hanging hearts

just in time for valentines day, try this simple how-to with your kiddo's. i can't wait till my little munchkin is older to help me with crafts! i'll make her do all the cutting! *wink*

you'll need: 

1. colorful card stock 
2. twine
3. clothes pins
3. pink or red magic marker
4. pencil
5. scissors

step #1

draw and cut your card stock into heart shapes. 

step #2

once your hearts are cut out decorate them with polka dot's, paint, scraps, fun shapes or whatever creative textures you can think of!

step #3

color a small heart onto the clothes pins with the magic marker. 

step #4

fasten your heart to the twine with the clothes pin.

step #5

once you have all the hearts attached to the twine hang your entire heart chain and you're finished! easy as pie and so festive for valentines day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


despite the shorts and tanks that are now comically on display in many stores, above is what it looks like in my "sn-overwhelmed" neighborhood and what it will continue to look like until about march. so how about some more toasty winter fashion instead of a tiny weenie bikini. 

these breathtaking russian inspired clothes are from kenzo.

i want this reversible fur coat from kenzo for my paisley!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

tea fever

i recently discovered these timeless children's clothes by tea pony out of australia. clothing inspired by a love of folk prints and vintage styling. they describe their clothing as "folkie, fresh, fun, flowing, and a sprinkle of sunshine on your favorite girl."
all photo's via tea pony

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


let these delightful nurseries inspire the d├ęcor in your entire home but especially in the rooms of your little ones.