Thursday, May 26, 2011

what i've been up to lately

things have been so busy crazy around here lately. and i love it. last weekend we got to spend some time with our very dear friends from michigan and it was so wonderful! 


mom, jackie and me and all the kiddies who of course would not look at the camera if their life depended on it!


pais and i got super adventurous and rode a turtle. it was pretty insane. 


pais given her "thumbs up" approval on wearing her nina's sunglasses. very stylish. 

Photo on 2011-05-25 at 16.19

ok so this is something else i've been working on. remember how i was asking you to vote like crazy for the top 25 kids' style blog? well we made it which is awesome thank you. thank you. thank you! but i had to send in a picture of myself for an interview and i have absolutely no good pictures of myself. i had every intention of getting a professional one taken but like i've been saying we've been super busy! so the other day i took like a thousand pictures of myself {maybe that's a small exaggeration} with my awesome camera computer and i felt like this was the best one. i already sent it in so no changing it now but what do you think? is it ok? ahhhh i just don't know! 


Kelly said...

it's perfect. don't second guess. mkay!
pais looks so cute given' the thumbs up.

Jordan said...

Holy cow! First I was going to say how cute you and pais are on the turtle but then I got to the bottom and was like, "WOW!" YOU ARE GORGEOUS!! That photo is stunning. You should probably just get a wallet sized print and sneak it into your husband's wallet, he'll appreciate it. Gorgeous! Oh, and congrats on being in the 25! woo hoo!

Bethany said...

Congrats! And super cute pic... you look lovely!

Jami said...

Get out! That picture is gorgeous! Could you take a bad picture really? probably not, but I love you anyway. I'm so happy you made it in the top 25{well deserved}. and your daughter in the sunglasses, super cutie pie ;)

Sarah B. said...

Nothing to worry about, you look FABULOUS! A total natural :) -- and congrats to getting to the top 25!!

Allison said...

BEAUTIFUL picture!! Also, I think Pais looks stinkin awesome with her sunglasses and two thumbs up :) Glad you're back!

Anything but Bland said...

i think you look gorgeous!!!!!! your computer takes amazing photos! also- congrats on top 25!!!!! :D:D:D

love, polly

christalena said...

Congrats on making the top 25! Yay! You and your daughter are so stinking adorable! And that last picture...hubba hubba mama. :) Love the turtle photo and the thumbs up. The cuteness is making me die over here!

Stephanie said...

I give "two thumbs up" for the picture and the turtle riding. :)

the mom diggity said...

Before I read what the picture was for, I thought...WOWZERS what a hot pic of her ;) Seriously, a great pic! And love the pic of you and pais riding the turtle. A couple of crazy girls you are!!!

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