Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a picnic, sidewalk chalk and pizza

we have had some gawgeous weather around here lately. pais and i have been soaking up the sun 
aka getting our tan on. 


we had our first picnic ever . . . in our jammies of course. we wear those a lot around here. 

Picnik collage

unfortunately the picnic didn't last too long. little miss was way too excited to sit and eat so we had to move this party inside. 


ahhhh highchair much better. 


we had bunches of fun playing with sidewalk chalk for the first time. 

Picnik collage

isn't she brilliant? she's only 1 1/2 and already knows how to spell her name and draw circles and flowers and stars. {wink wink}

Picnik collage

oh look we finally decided to get out of our jammies for the day. 

Picnik collage

"mom, look how awesome i am playing outside in the graaaass!"


and we rounded up the day eating our {well her} first vegan pizza. 

it's supposed to rain for the next five days so we had to suck up as much sun as we could! 
happy thursday to you all!


Bethany said...

She's so cute! Does Paisley normally eat vegan too... or do you make separate food for her most of the time?

Kelly said...

looks like you two darlings had an awesome time. Boo no time for rain. it's spring and it's may it's time for flowers!

Jordan said...

SO cute!! I almost got Jake and I some sidewalk chalk the other day but I decided not to and I kind of regret that decision so I might go back. Jakes an awesome artist though so his sidewalk chalk drawings will look awesome and mine will look like I'm 8 so I don't know if I can let that happen.

Michaela said...

She's so adorable!!

christalena said...

My goodness you have a cuuuutie! :) What a fun day! We so need to get outside more.

Stephanie said...

I love it! Picnics are the BEST! I have a little portable table that secures the wee ones in so I can take them outdoors. Runaway babies make picnics...interesting. :) Love her jammies and outfit.

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