Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a year ago today...

i was feeling a bit nostalgic this morning as i was watching my little birdie, who was sitting next to me downing her
'ba ba'. so i started to look through pics of her from this time last year and here are the bittersweet photos i came up with. 

and a quick word to my birdie please slow down there is no rush to grow up.
amen and thank you.


she had just started eating baby food and was still getting the hang of it! hence the sweet potato covered face. 


she was mastering the skill of sitting up on her own.


loving her girl time with one of her bff's. 


still needing help with eating her bottle and falling asleep while she ate. this never happens anymore! {tear}


being as cute as a button and loving her momma. i guess some things haven't changed. ; ) 

letting your babies grow up is one of the hardest things ever! now i know why people have tons of kids. 
{not saying that i will though.}

how do you seasoned momma's cope with this tough stuff?! help!


danielle @ take heart said...

she is PRECIOUS.

ps: i hope you hubs gives into your beggin' ;)

Hanna said...

Oh my Goodness! Your daughter is so gorgeous!!! What a beautiful little expressive face:) Love her:)

taylasjourneyhome said...

Isn't it crazy that they are 18 months already? Such little girls with personality and opinions already! I feel ya on this one girl... while I am feeling a bit nostalgic, I do enjoy her being able to walk herself to the car, help me carry a bag, feed herself, and a full night of sleep! ;-)

Kelly said...

We don't cope. I so want to push rewind and make my littles little again. Ahhh life!
Just in case haven't told you before...your girl is a beauty.

Ally said...

She makes the most hilarious faces I've ever seen on a baby! She has the absolute sweetest eyes ever! Love you!!!!

Jordan said...

Aww I just woke up, was checking my reader and that first photo made me smile. She's so cute and you are stunning in that last photo!

Heather said...

I'm right there with you. I'm constantly thinking to myself, "this can't possibly be the last time I ever XXX" (take a baby home from the hospital, nurse a baby, celebrate a first birthday, etc...) I think it's how I know in my heart of hearts that I'm not "done". Then again, what if I always feel this way? Tough stuff, indeed!

Jordan said...

P.S. That's awesome you're vegan. I've been vegetarian for almost 11 years now. I only cook meat for Jake because he isn't a veg and the docs say he needs to eat meat. I have gotten a lot less squeamish about it but I still hate how it feels to touch it.

Jacqui said...

She is so beautiful and I love her expressions. These kiddos are growing up too fast I just did the same thing when Ethan turned 18 months. I looked through his baby book at his accomplishments ;) and through his photos. WOW! its been so fun so far I can't wait to see what all these years will bring!

Maria said...

lovely pics! my son will turning 2 in 2 months :-) great you are vegetarian. me too... lovely greetings


Stephanie said...

Each stage will have you tearful for what was left behind but so joyful for who they become each step along the journey of life. Your pride and awe will only increase. :)

coolkids said...

she is adorable! new follower. thecoolkidsblog.com

Jami said...

There is no "coping"! That's why I had 4. lol.

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