Monday, May 9, 2011

paisley's dedication

around this time last year our baby birdie was dedicated to the Lord. since i didn't have this little bloggy back then i thought i would share some photo's with you of the meaningful event.
 {oh who am i kidding i just wanted to go through the pictures and relive this day for myself hehe.}


we were so thankful noah's mom and dad {pictured behind us} were able to fly in from wisconsin for the weekend. we love having them with us and so does paisley!


all the babes were rockstars for the day. they all got their pictures up on the giant screens along with mommy and daddy's favorite scripture verses. 

Picnik collage

there was a long line of babies that morning. the entire alter was almost full. so we patiently waited for paisley's nina and papa to come pray over her. {since my parents are also our pastors they decided to pray for paisley last since it was kind of special to them.}


could she be any cuter? i think not. 

{side note: yes that is a splint on my husbands pinky. he injured it playing softball and due to the lack of staying faithful to rehab his pinky now looks like it got stuck halfway through a werewolf transformation or something. 
i'm so not joking.}

Picnik collage

paisley wasn't sure what was going on and mostly wanted to play with her feet but it was a special day indeed. the day our precious babe and our family was dedicated to the Lord. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

so today is the last day to vote for love. life. babies. to be in the top 25 kids' style blogs. you know what that means? no more of me bugging you to vote every day! i'm sure you're pretty excited about that. 

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thank you so much! i really really appreciate your votes! you all are amazing.


Miranda said...

What a beautiful moment! I sent a vote your way.

the mom diggity said...

Look how adorable tiny little Pais is!!! Such a special day I'm sure!!!

Katrina said...

aren't we glad that we have photos to look back and remember! Hope you had a Great Mother's Day!

Kelly said...

I love love love it!
she's darling actually you all are!
and happy 1 year Christian-niversary!!!!
Uh ya I just made that up!

Jami said...

What a special day! My brother has a couple fingers that look like that because he wouldn't even splint them! I know, real macho.

Jordan said...

Aww!! You look stunning those pictures and yes, she is suuuuper cute in that black and white!

Michelle said...

Aw, our daughter was dedicated that same Sunday. Love seeing Paisley in your blog b/c my little girl is right there with her!

Alely said...

how special that your dad dedicated her. i love that!

Anna of IHOD said...

What a beautiful day for her and you to remember!
My little Veronica gets baptized in a few weeks and I am so excited. Its almost as special as their birth day!
Have a lovely week! Off to vote!

Anything but Bland said...

awe! look at her little headband! adorable!!! :):)

love, polly

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