Friday, April 8, 2011

faith friday

"death and life are in the power of the tongue. and those who love it will eat it's fruit."
 proverbs 18:21

above is a passage i have to remind myself of often. i think for many of us our natural tendency can be the personality of a debbie downer, negative nelly, pessimistic polly . . . you get the point.


it seems so much easier at times to talk about our problems, how our bodies aren't what they used to be {hello!}, how our kids are driving us nuts or how maybe marriage isn't the fairy tale we thought it would be.

but i love this sobering passage because it reminds me that my words aren't just futile gibberish that come out of my mouth, float into the universe and are never seen again. no, my words actually carry weight in my life and can dictate the condition of what i do or do not have. 


i am the greatest speaker of death or life into my world and today i choose {because it is a choice!} to speak good, lovely and godly things over myself, my family and my future even if i don't feel like it!

i hope you are encouraged today to do the same! xo

and just to brighten up your day get a load of these two birdies who had such a fun play date yesterday!

Picnik collage

too. stinking. cute.
{i love how my birdie was eating in every picture i took. nice.}


Kelly said...

i love this passage. it's so true. wait a minute everything in the BIBLE is TRUE! HELLO! another thing that is true is how often we forget the truths the LORD has given us in the BIBLE! thanks for the weekly reminders!
i love me some faith fridays!
you go girl!

sarah said...

a great reminder! everything we say (& do) should be to glorify God! :) it is something we must work on daily...

happy friday!

augustalolita said...

indeed super duper cute!! hehe <3

MrsFry said...

good word steph!!

Alely said...

yes thank you for the reminder! its definitely a constant struggle for me....but i am a work in progress.

oh, and the pics are too stinkin' cute!

Anna of IHOD said...

I am loving the theme of this! Faith Fridays!!

And that quote is definately a goal of mine to live by. Beautiful.
Hope you have a lovely weekend with your little munchkin!

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