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the birthday party


first off let me personally apologize for the exuberance of birthday photos that is about to take place. i've just beenso excited to share these with you and thanks to our brilliant friend and photographer hollie it was painstakingly hard to choose only a few photos!

i really wanted paisley's party to have a vintage mismatch feel. i decided not to pick out any specific colors to decorate with but to just keep it fun and eclectic with lot's of different patterns and textures. 

so let the birthday overload begin. 

Picnik collage

monogramed burlap favor bags filled with candy and handmade fabric garland.


i love these vintage jars and vases i thrifted and my husbands childhood clown bank.

Picnik collage

the oversized round balloons made this party feel so special. i found them at the best price here
we hung thrifted frames to make a hanging frame "wall" from our tree. 

Picnik collage

who doesn't love mason jars? and accompanied by a stripey straw? jackpot. 
i got my straws here. they have every color you can imagine. 

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fruit and veggie kabbobs. i thought doing it this way might make the kids want to eat their healthies. 

Picnik collage

i made the fabric cake bunting and the super cute fondant cupcake toppers were ordered from here.

Picnik collage

pais enjoyed a cupcake, some cake and . . . 

Picnik collage

. . .  another cupcake when i wasn't looking! look at that face. can't be mad at it. 

Picnik collage

all of our friends were so generous and paisley was super blessed with many wonderful gifts. 
including her first pair of toms! yay!


we tried to take a nice family picture at the end of the day but paisley wasn't having it 
and i decided to stand super awesome awkward. 

all in all it was an amazing celebration! 


MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011

carter's birthday


one of my besties {above} recently threw the most precious 1st birthday party for her little man! i don't have a son {yet} but i've heard from some very reliable sources that getting a theme together for a little lads birthday can be a bit more challenging then a baby girls! but hello, not for my friend alivia! she was so super creative in planning this one of a kind new york yankees party for carter. first off isn't she the hottest mom ever? love my beautiful friend, muah!


how creative is this birthday invite? maybe i've been living under a rock for a while {very possible} but i've never seen invitations like this! it looked just like a real baseball ticket when we pulled it out of the envelope! alivia did these snazzy invites through fun invites on ebay.

Picnik collage

take me out to this ball game! baseball cupcakes, popcorn bags {filled with yummy popcorn of course} and yankees napkins. this is how you stick to a theme! come on now!

Picnik collage

don't you just love the jersey's?  and no i'm not referring to "snooki" or the "situation", what an interestingshow {that's about the nicest thing i can say}. alivia purchased carter's pint sized jersey on e-bay and had it personalized at a local sports store. the fabulous jersey cake was made by a local bakery called cynthia's sweet tooth and all of the sporty yankee's decor was from party city.

Picnik collage

look at that face! he's just as scrumptious as that baseball cake!

 what a wonderfully fun birthday party. you did such a fabulous job liv!
 you hit this one out of the park! {hehe}
{all photos by graham river productions and natalie latherman.}

have you thrown an outlandish party for your little one? i want to hear about it! and if you have professional pictures of it and would like to be featured on this blog send your info to [email protected].

{**disclaimer** i am slightly picky about what goes on my blog so if i decide not to feature your party please don't get your feelings hurt! only love here.}


enchanted woodland

take a peak into the fabulous enchanted woodland that becki snyder created for her little emma's 1st birthday.

enchanted woodland birthday party invitation: the inspiration for the party was a color palette of aqua blue, vibrant pink, funky orange and chocolate brown accented with woodgrain textures, whimsical forest animals and mushrooms.

custom party hats for the lads and lassies: handcrafted and trimmed in pom-pom fringe & tulle with chocolate brown ribbon ties. plain for the boys and orange for the girls. 

party hat for the birthday girl trimmed in pink tulle.

tissue paper pom-poms: 50 pom-poms floated and bounced in the breeze around the pavilion. after the party, they sent some home with friends and repurposed a few of the pom-poms as part of the decor in emma's room.

table decor: tables were dressed in chocolate brown and layered atop with billows of orange and pink tulle.

tree trunk display: cut tree trunks were stacked and used at different heights to display the whimsical mushroom cupcakes, which were wonderfully made byhazel artisan bakery. each mushroom was crafted by hand. 

whimsical mushroom cupcakes.

iced sugar cookies in orange and pink.

cupcake for the birthday girl. 

eco-friendly party straws on the beverage table.

party favors: bubbles custom wrapped and tagged with twine.

the birthday girl: in her orange and pink tutu.

how darling was this party! thank you becki for sharing your spectacular creativity with us! 

ethan's mod monkey birthday

there is nothing quite like a first birthday. knowing that you miraculously survived your first year of parenthood with this precious little life and didn't screw it up somehow is immensely rewarding! here is a glimpse into ethan's lovely first birthday party. the theme was mod monkey's and the vibrant blue and yellow colors just make you feel happy! jacqui did such a great job decorating!

ethan's party was such a success! it's inspirational to look at these photos and come up with creative ideas for your own party! thank you jacqui! 
check out jacqui's blog livin life and lovin it.

paisley's polka dot birthday 

this banner was made from card stock and tied together with satin ribbon. the bottom layer is from the freebies template at  clever some day -pick a design you like, print off a large size, trace it onto the card stock and there you go! just cut out the card stock and you have your first layer. add the circle and the letter and you have the start to your banner! i added polka dots with colorful paint and hung the banner with white thumb tacks that blend into the ceiling and clear jewelry wire. 

the dessert table came out so colorful! the cakes were from west side bakery in akron, ohio. they make beautiful cakes (they also did my wedding and baby shower cake)! i am also a vegan, and they make vegan desserts as well so the two smaller cakes are both vegan.

 my daughter paisley's adorable outfit is from diva baby designs on etsy. i highly recommend using them for your daughters next tutu! she custom made the onesie, tutu, and bow. adorable!

these are the kiddos favor bags. all i did was purchase cheap brown paper bags (you could use any color!). i printed off the children's names in coordinating colors and cut them into circles to stick with the polka dot theme. cheap clothes pins to hold it all together which i painted polka dot's on to add an extra special touch! (i used the end of a baby q-tip to make the dots on the clothes pins)

i love this  picture of my mom and daughter. but i really put it on here because it was one of the only pics i got of the feature wall at the food table. it is blurry but you can kind of see all the cut out circles that i stuck on the wall to add to the polka dot theme. 

 the colorful  food table. i tried to stick with foods in the theme colors which was pretty tricky when it came to pink! there aren't too many pink foods. thankfully i found this great recipe for 'pink hummus' from  it turned out great and people really enjoyed it!

here is my 'orange and pink polka dot punch' and yes i can see that my pink punch didn't turn out quite pink. what can you do. however the tags on the punch came out great. started with a piece of card stock and picked my template from clever some day. printed the template off and then traced it on to the card stock. then i printed out the name of my punch on white paper, cut it out to the same template as the card stock, doused it in painted polka dots, put a whole punch at the top and added some polka dot ribbon. 

little paisley sitting at her decorated high chair right after her smash cake. love the balloons! thanks to polka dot market they matched her theme perfectly! i also got some great lanterns from there too. if you need anything polka dot it's the place to go, they have everything and are so enjoyable to work with!

here is a gret pic of the back of paisley's custom onesie and tutu from diva baby designs on etsy.