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Monday, March 14, 2011

carter's birthday


one of my besties {above} recently threw the most precious 1st birthday party for her little man! i don't have a son {yet} but i've heard from some very reliable sources that getting a theme together for a little lads birthday can be a bit more challenging then a baby girls! but hello, not for my friend alivia! she was so super creative in planning this one of a kind new york yankees party for carter. first off isn't she the hottest mom ever? love my beautiful friend, muah!


how creative is this birthday invite? maybe i've been living under a rock for a while {very possible} but i've never seen invitations like this! it looked just like a real baseball ticket when we pulled it out of the envelope! alivia did these snazzy invites through fun invites on ebay.

Picnik collage

take me out to this ball game! baseball cupcakes, popcorn bags {filled with yummy popcorn of course} and yankees napkins. this is how you stick to a theme! come on now!

Picnik collage

don't you just love the jersey's?  and no i'm not referring to "snooki" or the "situation", what an interesting show {that's about the nicest thing i can say}. alivia purchased carter's pint sized jersey on e-bay and had it personalized at a local sports store. the fabulous jersey cake was made by a local bakery called cynthia's sweet tooth and all of the sporty yankee's decor was from party city.

Picnik collage

look at that face! he's just as scrumptious as that baseball cake!

 what a wonderfully fun birthday party. you did such a fabulous job liv!
 you hit this one out of the park! {hehe}
{all photos by graham river productions and natalie latherman.}

have you thrown an outlandish party for your little one? i want to hear about it! and if you have professional pictures of it and would like to be featured on this blog send your info to [email protected].

{**disclaimer** i am slightly picky about what goes on my blog so if i decide not to feature your party please don't get your feelings hurt! only love here.}


Sandy a la Mode said...

wow!! that looks like a RAD bday party!!!

Jessi said...

what a cute party idea!

star4227 said...

Adorable, right down to the baseball cupcakes!

cArLa said...

that is one of the cutest birthdays i've seen! happy monday!

sarah said...

such a cute party idea for a little boy! the ticket invites are the cutest!!! :)

Anything but Bland said...

aw! looks like fun! <3 thanks for visiting me, too! :D

love, polly

Jordan said...

First of all, Carter is adorable. Second of all, that is one sweet party! I never had parties this good as a kid, but I wasn't much of a party person anyway. Your friend really went all out. Awesome job!

p.s. the shower curtain is from Target. :)

Kelly said...

Oh I wish I could push rewind and make my boys little again.
So cute!

Bethany said...

Oh my goodness~ I'm going to have to remember those cupcakes! Love them... happy birthday to the cute little guy!

Cassandra said...

Gosh, I love Liv and her party so much, even though it's the yankees and not the Mets. (which is the superior NY team) But his middle name is Bronx, isn't it? SUUUUUCH a schnookie butt!

alivia said...

i am so bummed that i messed up the cake when i took it out of the box!!! thanks for posting steph! this look so cute!

alivia said...

and also- thanks everyone! this was so much fun to plan!

Alely said...

your bestie did a great job! yes, i agree trying to come up with a little boy birthday party theme is a little more difficult than a girls but she was very creative. love that invite!

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