Monday, April 11, 2011

flowers, hibachi & toy story

friday was such a lovely day. it started off by spending the morning with my hubs and little birdie . . . 


then the mr. surprised me with these fun flowers which is always a nice treat. 

we continued our day by celebrating my nephew's 5th birthday. FIFTH birthday! oh my word 
where has the time gone . . .


we went to wasabi. a very entertaining hibachi grill here in town. our chef was delightfully humorous and kept the kiddies attention the entire dinner. {thankful.}

Picnik collage

my brother his fiancé and my nephew , my little birdie {mesmerized by the fire}, my nephew and i and my smokin' hot parents. don't they look so young! ow ow!

Picnik collage

the birdie, me and the hubs. 

Picnik collage

my nephew is a pixar enthusuest so of course he had a toy story themed birthday party. duh.

Picnik collage

i think his favorite part of this cake was licking the candles {and unfortunately putting them back into the cake when he was done}. ; ) 


best present award goes too . . .  his daddy for a brand new spiderman bike! {he really was excited}

we had such a fabulous weekend! did you do anything extra fun?!


Jennifer said...

Oh how sweet! We love Wasabi and Toy Story! =) I'm your newest follower! Your blog is so cute! I had a colonoscopy this weekend....wouldn't say that was extra fun, but I am glad it's over with! =) You can check out my blog at

I look forward to reading your blog!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the follow. I'm reading your archives...and I'm inspired. ;o)

Stephanie said...

You have a stunning family. Your parents DO look so young!!

Kelly said...

it looks like you had a fantastic weekend! hibachi grills are so fun. love toy story but my guys wont watch it with me anymore. :-( can you tell your husband to tell my husband that flowers are the key to a wife's heart.


you should be getting a package on or around thursday.

Kelly said...

i forgot! girl you've got some fantastic gene's.

Jacqui said...

love this! You have such a beautful family! And I cant believe he is 5!!! HELLOOOOO...where does the time go! he looks like Michaels Mini Me...

Jordan said...

Oh wow that looks so fun! I love your pics. I totally want to go to a hibachi grill and have cake now. Mostly the hibachi part, it looks so yummy and that's one of the most fun dates Jake and I have ever gone on. I think it was mostly fun because I got to go get a bunch of stuff at Ikea first but we can say it was because watching Jake catch little pieces of meat in his mouth is entertaining.

danielle @ take heart said...

look at you pretty little mama! love your makeup and headband and i love hibachi…craving it now

Alely said...

you are a gorgeous momma! beautiful family friend!

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