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Friday, November 19, 2010

ethan's mod monkey birthday

there is nothing quite like a first birthday. knowing that you miraculously survived your first year of parenthood with this precious little life and didn't screw it up somehow is immensely rewarding! here is a glimpse into ethan's lovely first birthday party. the theme was mod monkey's and the vibrant blue and yellow colors just make you feel happy! jacqui did such a great job decorating!

ethan's party was such a success! it's inspirational to look at these photos and come up with creative ideas for your own party! thank you jacqui! 
check out jacqui's blog livin life and lovin it.


Jacqui said...

Thank u steph : ) it was a ton of fun...and actually already have thought of theme and colors for party 2 eventhough I said after one he had to stop growing : )

Stephanie said...

haha awe, i know! they really do need to stop growing! although i can't wait to see party #2! I know it will be fabulous!

we love your love photography said...

i LOVED that theme. i almost did it for Isaac's first birthday. we went with a similar theme.... bright boy-colored polka dots, with just a simple "One Year" theme.
These photos are great too, who took them???
(Ethan is a very cute little man).

Stephanie said...

He is a sweetie pie Colleen! I would love to see photo's of Isaac's 1st! Are they on your facebook?

I believe Hollie Stefaniak of vanillastudios.com was supposed to take them but a girl that is kind of shadowing her ended up shooting them instead because Hollie was out of town. Her name is Felicia and she's a senior in high school! She's very talented!

Jacqui said...

Yes, felicia took them and hollie did the editing! What a fabulous team!!

sandz1214 said...

You have a very cute son! My son will be celebrating his 2nd birthday this month and planning to do the same theme. I hope everybody will enjoy.
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