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Friday, November 5, 2010

love in bloom

here is a surprisingly quick and easy how-to brought to us by kimberly bloom. this project is great because you can create them in one evening (after the kiddos go to bed, of course). kimberly is all about starting and finishing a craft in one night because otherwise like many of us she know's she will never get back to it. 

here are some easy steps from kimberly to create your own chic canvas!

buy the canvas at a craft store pre-stretched and painted white. use acrylic paint to paint the background and you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. 

choose papers that match your theme. all the papers I used are scrapbooking papers. i found it saved money to buy a paper pad or stack of paper because all the colors already coordinate nicely and it's usually less expensive that way.

create your own design drawing inspiration from nature, fashion, they city or whatever inspires you!

i cut the papers out by hand and also used the cricut to cut out the letters and phrases. it's OK if it's not perfect! use mod podge to glue down the pieces and let it dry. then do a layer of mod podge over all the paper pieces too. this will seal all the papers on the canvas. 

lastly, i added all the ribbons using a hot glue gun. voila! 

thank you so much for sharing this lovely project with us kimberly! it's certainly inspiring!

if you have any questions or would like to contact kimberly to design a piece for you can do so here 


alivia said...

this is for all the mamas that have boys and that like sports...i have a canvas in hunter's room that i love...just an idea for a boy, his is the back of a jersey with his name on it and an "08" for the year he was born! super cute! :)

Stephanie said...

thanks for the tip Liv!

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