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Thursday, November 4, 2010

flower whimsy

i love hair pieces for babies. especially when you have a bald baby girl. if i had a nickel for every time someone called my paisley a 'he' well, i would have a lot of nickels.  
i just adore this particular style flower and it is so simple to make! literally anyone can do it. there are so many glorious fabrics you could use, from burlap to felt, so be creative and construct something beautiful! 

follow this step by step tutorial and be on your way to creating your own whimsical flower.

whimsical flower
what you'll need:

1. fabric of your choice 
2. hot glue gun 
3. object to trace the size circles you want (ex.plastic cup)
4. pencil or fabric pen 
5. scissors
6. small piece of felt
7. alligator hair clip
8. needle 
10. coordinating thread  

step #1 

turn the fabric wrong side up. take your tracing object and trace 6 circles on this side of the fabric with a pencil or fabric pen.

step #2 

cut out the circles you have traced.

step #3

flip the circle over wrong side up and fold your fabric together in a half moon shape wrong sides together. 

step #4 

continue to fold the fabric in half one more time. 

step #5

 place the threaded needle through your fabric where the two ends meet far enough away from the corner so that when you stitch it the fabric stays folded. 

step #6

continue to add on all your circles in this way pulling your thread tight as you go to keep them together.  

step #7

once you have added all the circles arrange your flower "petals" how you like. flip your flower over and add a few stitches to secure the petals. when you are finished the bottom should look comparable to this.

step #8

trim any hanging thread then turn over your flower and it should have a similar look.

step #9

take your small piece of felt and place it between the two prongs on your alligator clip. then cover the top side of the clip and felt with hot glue

step #10

place your clip and in the center of the flower press and hold for 15 seconds and you're done!

below is the finished product!

like i said there are so many possibilities with this style! use your imagination and create something fabulous!


Heart's Desire Beading Company said...

This is an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing!

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