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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

favorite things

i have found myself in this situation one to many times. standing in the middle of my local baby superstore trying to assess what baby products are right for my little papoose... what an overwhelmingly daunting task. the cheeky sales attendants try to advise the best they can but shortly after they depart i begin to again sense the drowning feeling that i am going to make the wrong decision. now that my baby girl is almost 11 months (tear) i feel like i've gotten a bit better at this challenging task. so i thought why not share a few of my favorite things with other mama's out there who may be facing this same situation! 

my #1 favorite thing is by far california baby products. when my daughter was an infant we encountered a lot of rashes! it didn't take long for me to come to the realization that she was born with skin a bit on the sensitive side like her mama. after trying a few of the major brand name skin care lines at the recommendation of a pediatrician and seeing zero results on my daughters skin i decided to search for a more sensitive and all natural line. enter california baby. shorty after we made the switch my daughters skin cleared up and has remained that way to this day! i highly recommend their products especially if your child's skin tends to be on the sensitive side!!

these three are my top favorites! super sensitive body wash and lotion which keeps there skin beautifully soft with no harmful additives. and this sunscreen is so gentle and safe on their precious skin!

check out california baby here!


Cassandra said...

I heart their sunscreen. BTW, it's Cat.

Stephanie said...

hey Cat! me too, best sunscreen ever! i even use it on myself!

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