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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

hang some holiday cheer!

want to add a splash of fun to your christmas decorations this year? try out this super easy yet festive holiday banner! start by choosing a line your favorite christmas carol!

what you'll need: 

1.  card stock in colors of your choice 
2. scissors
3. hole punch 
4. jewelry wire or twine 
5. printed out letters to use as tracers 


start by cutting out the printed letters 

step 2

once all the printed letters are cut use them to trace out letters on your card stock.

when all the letters are traced and cut out lay them out in order.

step #3

use the whole punch to punch hole's on both sides of the letters.

step #4

thread the fishing wire through the hole's and secure the wire on the back of the letter with a piece of scotch tape. 

step #5

hang your banner and enjoy the holiday cheer!


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