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Saturday, November 6, 2010


has this ever happened to you? you're pushing your shopping cart or stroller through the local store and out of nowhere your previously pleasant little one is 'bent out of shape' to put it nicely! immediately you start grabbing for any stuffed animal or teething toy that might be shoved down in the diaper bag. sometime's even resorting to letting them play with the car key's, yuck! well this little container of goodness has become my hero for this very type of situation. a yummy and nutritious snack puff offered in 5 colorful flavors that are not only organic and healthy for our kids bodies but they actually taste really good! trust me i know, sometimes i sneak a few while feeding paisley.

plum organics is always certified organic, nutrient rich and uses no high fructose corn syrup. there are no trans fats, artificial ingredients and the packaging is BPA- free. there is also no added sugar, juice, color or flavors.

they have products available from baby to toddler age and you can check out their website plum organics to see it all! you can't go wrong with these snack's and i would seriously be shocked if your little one doesn't love them!


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