Tuesday, October 26, 2010

how'd she make that?

ever see something at a party or event that you really liked and thought 'how'd she make that?' but just didn't have the nerve to ask? this very thing happened to me when i first caught a glimpse of flower poms! they are beautiful and inexpensive to make but can add an extra special touch of charm and uniqueness to your event. wether you need them as decor for a wedding, child's birthday party, or your upcoming holiday celebration, they are the perfect embellishment for any affair!

here is a simple tutorial on how to make them.

flower pom's
what you will need:

1. scissors
2. clear jewlery wire
3. pipe cleaner
4. your color choice of tissue paper  
(10 sheets)

here we go......

   step# 1
   start by opening up your paper and arranging it length wise on a flat surface

step #2
    begin folding the paper accordian style with each fold being about 1 inch in width 

    step #3
    secure the tissue paper by wrapping a pipe cleaner around the center

     cut either rounded or pointed edges at the tips of the tissue paper on both ends. 

  begin to pull back each layer of tissue paper towards the center of the pom until you have pulled back each and every piece! 

   here is the finished product!

   now adjoin your fishing wire around the center and hang from the ceiling with a thumb tack! 

   very easy and very chic! an instant conversation piece at any celebration!

*you can also make smaller versions of flower poms by cutting the tissue paper in smaller sections before you start. smaller versions can be used as gift toppers or decorations set around a room. 


Ally said...

Steph! I don't know what you were talking about, I love your blogs! Keep them coming, they're so cute and I read every one of them!

Stephanie Nickel said...

Awe thanks Al!!! I like your's too!

Stephanie Nickel said...

i can't figure out how to follow it though!

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