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Saturday, October 30, 2010


for some reason i have the hardest time finding hats i fancy for paisley. it very well could be because i am just way too picky. whatever the reason, it led me to this decision the other day-'I SHALL SEMI-HOMEMAKE MY OWN HAT.' yes i just typed that in all caps. i loved how the hat came out...

it is a very uncomplicated project and one that you can involve your children in by letting them choose their color and style hat and also the fabric for a flower, or an applique'.

 here is a simple tutorial on how you can semi-homemake a fashionable hat for your kids! 

winter hat project
what you'll need:

        1. hat of your choice(mine were $1!)
          2. either a flower or iron on applique' 
          3. hot glue gun
          4. iron

hat with an applique'
step #1  

evaluate the size of your hat. if the hat is to large you may have to do some adjusting. the hat i chose was just the right size so no adjusting needed! 

step #2


decide wether you would like to use an applique' or flower on your hat. for this one i chose an iron on applique' which works great for boys! position the design where you like on the hat.

step #3

place a light pressing cloth over the design and hold for approximately 30 seconds. if your hat is a thicker material you may need to press it a bit longer.


reverse the fabric and repeat the ironing process!

hat with a flower 

 choose your hat and flower design. i chose a flower i had previously made but you could use anything from 'store bought' to something homemade!

step #2

adjust the size of your hat if needed. this hat was a pinch to long so i folded it up.


add a bit of hot glue to the crease of your fold to secure it.  

hot glue or clip on your favorite flower or bow!  

finished product:

there are so many variations to this you could easily have a different hat for every outfit!
with the winter months approaching, get creative and get your kiddies involved to help make some lovely winter hats!


taylasjourneyhome said...

This is a great post! I do this ALOT! I actually had one hat last year that I switched the bows and flowers on constantly depending the outfit. Where did you find your hats?

Stephanie Nickel said...

Thanks Tayla! I got the blue and pink one from Joann Fabrics and the striped and a purple one (not shown) from target! they were all $1!

Deb Baldwin said...

These are GREAT ideas! I am going to make some for Stone & Ally. Thanks for posting step-by-step pics too. Very helpful.

Stephanie Nickel said...

Thanks Deb! I'm glad it was helpful! I'm sure your kids will love what you make them!

Kenziepoo said...

Great post!! xo

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