Saturday, April 2, 2011

saturday snapshot

linking up with yellow songbird again for snapshot saturday. love seeing everyone's amazing photo's! if you haven't linked up yet, get on it! we want to see what you got.

today i decided to whip out some oldies but goodies of me and one of my favorite people in the world, my big brother. 


 i had a little problem called "help i'm a bald girl in a dress" till i was about 2. 


i feel like i'm looking at a picture of my nephew and my daughter here! it's crazy how these things called 'kids' looks so much like you. 


how much swag did my brother have? what an amazing grandpa sweater, plaid button down, and clip on tie. my mom was way before her time with picking out our clothes. {i'm being totally serious.}


don't let all these professionally posed shots fool you though, we really were just a couple of hams. 


Lori said...

Aw you all are so cute!! :-) Love the old pictures! Especially with your brother. :-)

virginiamae said...

So cute! I love old photos! What does your brother think? ;-)

Kelly said...

So totally cute! I wish we lived closer to each other it would be so fun to sit and chat!
Happy Weekend

Jordan said...

Aww you looked like you when you were a baby. You know, some people look like squishy baby face but you look like you, your eyes are the same, just on a slightly older face now. Super adorable! Love that that little sailor dress!

Hanna said... these oldies:) too cute!!

theeclecticlife said...

my favorite picture is the one of your side swept dark brown hair with that precious red bow! so lovely.

Blanca said...

So sweet. I love old photos. :)

Nicole said...

very cute...I have a boy and a girl, and these pics remind me of how fun it is to have one of each!

Jami said...

These are sooo great! Is that red velvet you guys are wearing? Love it!

Alely said...

super sweet!

Megan said...

adorable! sibling love is awesome!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

So cute! Isn't it fun {and funny!} to browse through old pictures like that? ;)

cArLa said...

love these photos... i see a little bit of myself in our son too. just dug up some photos last week.

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