Friday, January 14, 2011

hanging hearts

just in time for valentines day, try this simple how-to with your kiddo's. i can't wait till my little munchkin is older to help me with crafts! i'll make her do all the cutting! *wink*

you'll need: 

1. colorful card stock 
2. twine
3. clothes pins
3. pink or red magic marker
4. pencil
5. scissors

step #1

draw and cut your card stock into heart shapes. 

step #2

once your hearts are cut out decorate them with polka dot's, paint, scraps, fun shapes or whatever creative textures you can think of!

step #3

color a small heart onto the clothes pins with the magic marker. 

step #4

fasten your heart to the twine with the clothes pin.

step #5

once you have all the hearts attached to the twine hang your entire heart chain and you're finished! easy as pie and so festive for valentines day!


Ally said...

This makes me think of the time I came home (in Italy) and Patsy had decorated my entire apartment in giant, tacky, plastic red hearts! Even the front door! She LOVES holidays, lol. THis is soooo cute though, I think I'm gonna do it!

Stephanie said...

That's hilarious Al! Patsy is so funny : )

Kim said...

this is such a precious idea!

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