Monday, February 28, 2011

win big by helping someone else

you may have noticed the colorful button at the side of my page that i recently added titled
 "the paxton project". this button represents the lives of the miller family who are on their journey to adopt a child. you can read their touching story here.

{the miller family} 

alissa from rags to stitches boutique has made it her mission to help the miller family. right now on her blog you can enter 3 giveaway's with a combined valued of $1200 by simply donating a gift as small as $5 to the paxton project. come on now, that's less then you spend at the golden arches in one visit! many of the items you could win are handmade and my own shop phinnie and pais has also donated some items to help with this great cause. i believe we should always be looking for ways to reach out and help others. it's time to come out of a place of thinking only of ourselves and become a community where we desire to see others lives helped and touched in a genuine way. so my question to you today is this. will this just be another post that you read and pass by. or will you take the time to read the miller's story, pray about what god would have you do and possibly give to a cause that will most likely save a child's life. will you help the miller family adopt?

click here


Anna of IHOD said...

This sounds awesome. I recently participated in a very similar cause for adoption and it was so cool to see the blogging community come together for it. Will read the story!

Kelly said...

Hi Stephanie, I read the story and donated to the paxton project. I love when people come together to help others. I was going to put the button on to my blog but, since I am new to the bloggy world I can't quite figure it out. What gadget do you use to do it? any advice.

stephanie said...

@kelly: that is so awesome thank you so much!!! here is how i added the button to my site. go to the design page on your blogger setup. click add a gadget wherever you would like the gadget to go and select HTML/JavaScript. copy the code under the button on the original site it came from (if you click the button on my site it will take you there) and then paste the code in the 'content' box of the HTML/JavaScript gadget.

hope that all makes sense! let me know if you have any questions! thanks again for giving to the cause! you're awesome! x0x0

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