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Sunday, February 6, 2011

super bowl drama

{me and my baby girl}

so get this. today is the super bowl, but not just any super bowl. today is the day that my steelers {who i grew up loving} and my hubs team the packers {he was born and raised in milwaukee} are facing off! the chances of this happening again are pretty slim so today is a tense day in our family to say the least! to keep the peace i am going to my parents to watch the game with my family {all pittsburgh fans}. while my hubby will be hosting a super bowl party at our house with all green bay fans. i know, i know that sounds a little dramatic but it's the best scenario for everyone, trust me! so wish our team luck! black and yellow, black and yellow!

                  {me, my daddy, paisley and the hubs}                        {me, my daddy and pais}

{my daddy, mom, nephew, and brother}

we'll see how this crazy game plays out! STEELER NATION!!!!!!

who are you rooting for? the steelers right???


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