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Monday, February 14, 2011

vegan valentines

i didn't think we were really doing anything for valentines day this year. we always say we won't and then my hubby breaks the rules and does something just delightful for me. after having a lazy sunday morning he disappeared upstairs for a while. i even called up to see what he was doing and he said "putting something away". next thing i know he's coming down the steps with a giant bag full of clothes from one of my favorite stores. nice right? that would have been plenty right there but he tops it off by letting me know we have reservations at my fav fav faaaaavorite restaurant vegiterranean. he is just amazing. 

i was oh so excited! we don't go on dates very often so i get a little giddy. and i probably haven't painted my nails since my daughter was born {a year and a half ago} but i painted them today! yes i'm a dork. 

vegiterranean is a vegan restaurant with absolutely delectable food and deliciously yummy desserts. it was opened by chrissie hynde from the band the pretenders and i could eat here every day... no seriously i could. 

i had a scrumptious risotto and my hubs had a spicy eggplant parmesan. so glad we brought home lots of leftovers! we stuffed ourselves silly and didn't have room for dessert and i was totally bummed because i'm telling you they have the most insane desserts ever!!! oh well...next time!

we finished up our date with the most romantic outing, the grocery store of course! everyone knows the grocery store is totally romantic. we had our sitters until 10:00 pm but of course we were home by 9:00 pm to see this little monkey {below} but to our surprise she was already in bed! go baby sitters! i for sure didn't think she would go to bed without us being there!

it was such a wonderful night and i'm so thankful for my sweetie husband who planned such a fantastic evening for me. he loves me and i love him so dearly. 

did you get to do anything fun or romantic for valentines day? i want to hear all about it!


aPearantly sew said...

What an awesome hubby you have! That was so sweet of him to plan a surprise date. My husband & I went out to dinner last night while my MIL watched the boys. Then we went for coffe and to Target for diapers. Super romantic, right? :)

krystina said...

that veggie place looks yummy and fun. happy valentine's day Stephanie!

Heather said...

You all are TOO cute! Glad you had a wonderful evening away!

Chrissy said...

What a sweet surprise!
Looking fab girl!
Happy V-Day! xxx

Anna of IHOD said...

oh my gosh way to go hubby! That sounds like so much fun!!

My husband hid flower stems in every room of the house this morning for me to find, and carved a v-day message into chocolate. So incredibly sweet. We are hoping to get out this week.

Happy v-day!

Sarah B. said...

That sounds like a FANTASTIC Valentine's day :). My hubby is bringing me home my fave (Ben & Jerry's) tonight -- he's lucky I'm so easy to please :)

Rob said...

Love this steph
glad you had a fab date

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