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Thursday, February 17, 2011

toy story

i love discovering unique and special toys for my little birdie. while they may be a bit more pricey then your average playskool or fisher-price plaything it's fun to choose from these more distinctive and 
uncommon pieces. there is a whole world of unusual children's toys you just have to peek around a bit! 

isn't that kitchen set just dreamy! maybe when my monkey is older we'll snatch one up for her! 

what's your favorite children's toy?


Kelly said...

What cute picks, and their way more appealing then the playskool plastic.

When my boys were little my mom went to Switzerland and brought some hand carved wooden toys back for them. They were so cool.

Mindy Harris said...

i love #5...that house is magnificent!

la mì said...

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Anna of IHOD said...

I go crazy over wooden toys. That kitchen set is magnificent!
Happy weekend!

Ashley said...

I love anything dollhouse-ish. Still! :)

You should check out my friend Amanda's Etsy shop, Just Hatched. I don't think it's even 2 years old and they've had amazing success. Their products seem up your alley.


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