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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tickle me tuesday's

it's tickle me tuesday again! i'm starting to really love tuesday's! it's fun to share all the things you've been admiring lately! if you haven't linked up yet go to yes teacher's blog and join in! we want to see all the lovely things that have been tickling your fancy!

i recently discovered this gorgeous children's line called blue pony vintage and FELL IN LOVE! their 2011 spring line is light and airy and inspired by the roaring 20's. 

stop by there site and see what you think! don't forget to link up for tickle me tuesday as well!


Sarah B. said...

Wow.... such beautiful line of clothes - and I love their pictures too :)
Thanks for playing along!!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous Line. I'm checking it out for sure.

Annette said...

Those photos are amazing! I would love those little dresses for my granddaughter!

Meeling said...

Love it! So vintage and fresh looking...thanks for sharing!

ALELY said...

wow, those pictures are beautiful! love them.

here from tickle me tuesday. happy to meet you.

aPearantly sew said...

I keep meaning to link up with Sarah, but once again Tuesday has come and gone and I didn't do it. I love this post though! Great line of children's clothing.

krystina said...

i love love love these photos!!!

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