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Monday, February 21, 2011

tickle me tuesday

here we are with another tuesday upon us. which means another edition of tickle me tuesday! yay! i don't know what it's been like where you live but we recently had a heat wave {it got up to 57 degrees!} and all the icky white stuff was melted {hallelujah}! don't get to excited for me though because in the blink of an eye today i went from being able to see my grass to looking at 5 inches of snow out my window. yay! {that yay was laced with heavy sarcasm.} so i am once again pining for spring, hence my choices for tickle me tuesday. if you haven't linked up yet head over to sarah b. 's blog and join in on the fun. thanks sarah! you are a sweet soul.  

gorgeous dress from urban outfitters 

adorable hair comb by pretty little me

golden clutch from york town road

combat boots from forever 21

i know, i know the boots aren't very "springy" although i think they would look delish with the dress pictured above but my hubbs just bought them for me and i lo lo love them! 

thanks for stopping by! and you may have noticed some changes to the blog like the hearts background...i kind of get bored easy. have a great tuesday!


Sarah B. said...

I love your picks! That hair comb especially -- so pretty :) Thanks for linking up!

Fiona Designs said...

WOW! All so fabulous!

Galit said...

Such cute picks!!
This adorable hair comb is tickling me too!!

Meeling said...

That hair comb is lovely...perfect for Spring!

Happy Tuesday!

Anna of IHOD said...

york town road is one of my absolute favorites!
It got up to 50's and 60's here as well and it was such a tease! Dying for spring!

dm designs said...

Great finds :) tickle.

Cassandra said...

Steph, love that dress!

BB Goad said...

loving the colors...and that clutch!

My Life Under the Bus said...

We still have snow and when (if) the snow ever does melt we will need boots so they fit right in!

Happy Tuesday!

cArLa said...

i love that clutch it's uh-mazing!

Grace Marie said...

Love all of these!!!

Especially the boots!!

I think goodwills are teaming with those urban outfitters dresses....yay!!!

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