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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tickle me tuesday

linking up with the lovely sarah b. for another edition of tickle me tuesday, where we share what's been tickling our fancy lately! it's so easy to link up just click here and join in! these are a few items that have been tickling my pocketbook all week!

i guess i have a thing for mustard this week! we would all love to see what you've been crushing on so come on over to yes teacher and link up!


Sarah B. said...

I'm noticing a definite color scheme here and I LOVE IT!!

Lori said...

These are all so pretty! I've been loving mustard too! Hehe I actually ordered a mustard necklace this week from 'Pretty Things by Meg' on Etsy. It's a ruffle necklace and so pretty. I guess hence the name. ;-)

Meeling said...

That pillow....I want it!!!
So pretty!!

cb said...

that pillow is so cute! anything with birds on it in mustard yellow is alright with me! i think i am kinda obsessed with the mustard yellow...mustard yellow and navy is my favorite combo right now!


Kelly said...

Ohhh, the HAT the EARRINGS I want them.

Annette said...

The clutch is calling me!! I can see why all these are tickling your fancy!

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