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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1 john 4:8

"...but anyone who does not love does not know god for god is love." 
1 john 4:8 

{forever god is love} 

valentines day was not only a time to celebrate the love of my life but a day to reflect on the immeasurable love of my beloved father god. his love never fails or gives up on me and i desire him more then anything. because he has poured more love on me then i can contain i try my best to allow this love to cascade out of my life and onto those all around me. be encouraged today by the fact that he loves you and because of this truth you can love others. 

 valentines day was such a fun time. i made this heart hair accessory just for the day. oh yeah i'm so festive. ; ) and i got to hang with my parents and baby girl all day, doesn't get much better then that!

and here is what my hubby's gift looked like. i just couldn't wait for him to come home from work and open it! there was a 59fifty new york yankees hat inside. and i was so happy he loved it since i had no idea which one he wanted! nothing better then giving gifts to people you love!

if you haven't told me yet fill me in on what fun you had on v-day!


Sandy a la Mode said...

cute!!!!! i love that first collage and your headband!!

Adele said...

aw looks like fun! you lived in singapore for a year!? that's amazing (: have a good week ahead xo

Anna of IHOD said...

How cute is that headband!!
I love this verse. It is such a good reminder of what we are called to in this life:)

CessOviedo said...

Happy belated Vday! These looks so adorbs, you're such a sweetheart, my bday? well it was spent with my favorite people and true loves; my parents! They took me to dinner, gave me flowers and candies! It was one of the best ones!


Kelly said...

I love that verse & I think of it often. V-day is my sons birthday so we partied. Tons-O-Fun. We never let the holiday overshadow his day. My hubz took me to the horse race a few weeks back for a V-day surprise.
Happy Wednesday.

Bethany said...

Love the headband! And what a fun collage!

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