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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

clean house

{the view from my family room this morning}

i'm sure there were a few of us who made the unattainable new years resolution to maintain a flawless home in 2011 {guilty}. as i have attempted this resolution numerous times before, this year i'm actually accomplishing it and finding it is much more manageable then i thought. you just have to have a little plan! at least for me this is the only way i can stay on top of the heaping piles of mess. 

the plan:

step #1
get yourself some scrapbook paper, a sharpie, a ruler and some fancy scissors {regular ones will also do just fine}.

step #2
cut a 3in x 12in strip of scrapbook paper and grab the sharpie!

step #3
use your sharpie and ruler to draw straight lines {enough for each day of the week} across the paper.

step #4
fill in your spaces with the days of the week and which rooms in your house you will try to clean that day. it helps to pair a large room with a smaller room 
{ex. kitchen and laundry room}.

step #5
fasten that bad boy on the fridge and do your best to follow it every day! you can even laminate it so you don't get yucky yucks all over it.

there are definitely days i haven't been able to keep up with this, but i get more accomplished having goals plastered in front of me every time i open the fridge {which is a lot} versus not having any goals at all.  

*let me know if you try this out and if it helps you keep a "clean house"*


christina said...

I've thought of doing this so many times...but I think your post just pushed me to actually sit down and write a schedule out. Thanks! :)

Stephanie said...

ha! i'm glad it gave you the push christina! it really helped me a lot!

Damara said...

good idea! i've been wanting to do something like that forever, but haven't had the motivation to stick to it...especially when most of our rooms look like that 5 minutes after i clean them! just wait til your babies have toys with small parts like barbie shoes and legos...it's a whole new world!!!!!

Stephanie said...

hopefully it will work for ya damara! I'm sure it is hard keeping all those small pieces in the right places!

Sandy a la Mode said...

we totally need to make a cleaning/organization list in our house! it's a pig sty!!

melissa said...

good idea. i need to come up with a "danny tanner" type schedule...i think it would help this workin' mama tons!! love the photos

Stephanie said...

sandy and melissa i'm telling you this works wonders for me! i'm not much of a "list" person but this is the only way my house will get cleaned! otherwise i find PILES of dust bunnies everywhere! yuck!

Heather said...

Good luck with that! I've tried a house cleaning schedule before, and I think I am just beyond hope! HA!

krystina said...

what is about organizing and cleaning and todo lists that get me? i love this post Stephanie! i get as far as the idea and making the list, but i never actually finish cleaning the house! i always get a craft or blog idea spark and switch gears. wanna come over and help me clean my house?!! xoxo

Stephanie said...

heather you can do it!!! just try try try : )

krystina thanks so much! i know there are definitely days i get distracted by blogging/creating...how about instead of coming to help you clean we just both get house maids?

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