baby love

{we love your love}

it's seriously astounding to me how many wonderfully talented people i know. colleen shawk is one of those people. she is the owner of
  {we love your love} photographycolleen started in the art of photography because of one thing, love. her love for her sweet nieces and nephews and wanting to capture all of their darling moments. her passion and artistic eye for photography was clearly evident and it didn't take long for people to start requesting her to take photo's of their family and events and so she decided to take on the photography endeavor that has now become {we love your love} photography

i love the quality of what she captures, it is simply breathtaking. you can view more of colleen's astounding work and book your next session at  

oh snap

i've known christina adam for a long time. i decided not to embarrass either of us by posting an old picture with our opaque lip liner and iridescent lip gloss from high school, but that's how long we've known each other. recently she has become a mother to an adorable little boy and blossomed into a phenomenal photographer who is able to capture atheistically astounding moments. she is a natural light photographer who works with the elements of nature to highlight the loveliness of everything she 'snaps' with her camera.

here are just a few of my favorite shots...

her body of work is so marvelous it was hard to choose just a few photo's to highlight! check out all her work and book your next shoot with her at grace designs photography. you can also view more of christina's beautiful work on her blog.

paisley the fairy

here are a few pic's of paisley's halloween costume! by her daddy's request she was a fairy princess. i actually ordered her a fairy costume online and when it arrived to my home i was immensely disappointed. granted i probably got exactly what i payed for, but i was still disheartened. so i shipped it back and started racking my brain on how i could throw together a fairy costume that i would be satisfied with! and here is what i came up with...

paisley the mis-matched fairy 

sorry for the quality of this picture, but my favorite thing is her homemade leg warmers! tutorial to come soon on how to make those! 

her fairy wings were $1! can't beat that! 

...and she's over it. i was trying to cheer her on in the background but this fairy was spent. 
overall i think her costume was a success! 

hope everyone had a safe and candy filled halloween!