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Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday funday

it's sunday! i always like sunday's but today is an extra special sunday because we are celebrating my birthday! yay me! my birthday was actually last sunday and it was my specialty special golden birthday! 27 on the 27th. unfortunately i got hit with a really bad cold and spent my entire birthday cooped up in my bedroom with a box of kleenex and multiple episodes of law and order svu. so today i get to spend the afternoon with my family and par-tay!

we're about to head to my favorite mexican restaurant for lunch where i'm sure i will pound waaaay too much chips, salsa and guac and not even be hungry for my meal! why do i always do that!?

and i'm extra excited to see my mom today because she keeps telling me about my birthday present and i've had to wait a whole week in intense anticipation to get it!!! of course i also just want to see her because i love her very much {hehe}

so happy late birthday to me, now lets go chow down some mexican!!!

{yes that is a very old picture of me and mom at my 2nd wedding 5 1/2 years ago! and yes i said second wedding, it's a long story. maybe i'll tell ya about it some time. but just to clarify i've only been married once, just two weddings!} 

happy sunday!!!


Kelly said...

First of all,
Second, I love it that you had two weddings! I wish I did.

Grace Marie said...

Happy Birthday!!

27 is a great year...I think!!

I'm so curious about the two weddings...one marriage!!

Hope you had a lovely day!

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