Thursday, May 5, 2011

my 100th post!!!

can you believe it? today is my 100th post!


the funny thing is what i am blogging about for my 100th post. it's positively silly. 

today's post is about hair. yes, you heard me right, hair. ever since i was a small fry i've had curly hair. 
and i'm sure when i was a child it was darling but as i grew up it became the thorn in my flesh. uncontrollable, frizzy, whacked out curly hair. 

below is one of the ways i regularly wear my hair. 

Photo on 2011-04-20 at 16.22

blown out with a round brush for the roots and a flat brush for the ends and then straightened with a flat iron. 


this is how i mostly wear my hair. {sorry for the awesome awful pic.} 
blown out again and styled with a curling iron.

now below my loves is what my hair does when i get out of the shower and simply let it air dry . . .

Picnik collage

hello crazy 80's hair. it's actually a lot less curly now since i had my babe but still looks like something straight from a heart music video. 

{side note: i also have been dealing with a sinus infection for the past week, i have no make-up on and i'm still in my pajamas. sorry for all the grossness.} 

anyhooo . . . i know women always say we should embrace the natural beauty God has given us etc. etc. but is it ok that i just don't like my curly hair? that i would rather straighten it every day if i have to? am i a disgrace to women all over the world? {just kidding about that last part.} 

what do you think? and do you have a hair dilemma? please doooo tell. 

happy cinco de mayo!!!


Jennifer said...

This post is so cute! Happy 100th! I have natural curly hair, and I've just decided to embrace it. For years I wanted straight hair, but finally I've given up on that idea. ;o) I like having body and natural curl......but I do like it when my hair is straight as well...just not as much as I like it curly. (Confused yet????) When my hair is straight it's SO flat...which I HATE. When it's styled curly it has body an "umph". Which I love. Being from the south.....BIG hair is a BIG deal. LOL I've def got the BIG hair thing going for me............ Love your blog and hope you feel better soon!

Jennifer said...

Awww...thanks! If you have a nephew or a friend from church that has a can still enter. ;o) Let me know if you want your comment problem! =)

Erin said...

I feel like we share a story Steph. Mine has always been curly, I always straighten it, and the kids have caused it somehow to be less curly than it used to be (could be because they've caused me to pull 3/4 of it out over the years). I've been wearing it curly a lot more lately, just because I can air dry and forget about it, and I'm learning to enjoy it for what it is. It may not always curl perfectly, but hey, that what a ponytail is for :)

Hanna said...

Your so gorgeous Stephanie!!! You always look great! Seriously. I am fortunate to have thick straight hair. I wish I took advantage of it more often and wore it down but it's so long that I wear it up almost all the time with these 2 babies bouncing off me all day.

Kelly said...

Hello curly hair. I feel ya friend. I too have curly hair that gets blown out and straightened a few times a week. I do wear my hair curly every now and then. I feel much prettier when its straight though.
If that's what you look like sick and no make up. Whatev! you are still gorgeous!

D said...

LOL...I love your posts, you always manage to put a smile on my are beautiful no matter how you wear your hair, but I feel you, mine usually ends up in a pony tail so I don't have to deal with it...who has time when you're chasing after babies..right!! Although mine are grandbabies...since they live with me, it's like having babies all over again..makes me tired just thinking about Lovin the pics!!!

Mitzy said...

haha, This post makes me laugh.. I hear so many curly haired girls say this.. but really.. You guys have the best hair.. it looks so pretty when you get out of shower, and if you want more defined curls all you have to do is put some gel in!

My hair issues are flat lifeless hair, and a HIGH hairline!.. I Can NEVER wear my hair pulled all the way back, because it makes me look like I have a recedeing hair line YUK!..
and Even when I do curl my hair, it only looks good for 1 day, unless its humid out, and then it just go plain flat again :-(...
Oh, and to top it all off, I have been dealing with gray hair ( yes Gray), since I was I was 25, but It got so much worse when I started having really hard pregnancies, The stress on my body caused more grays, so Now I HAVE to color, or I just look like an Old lady :-(..

I really dont like my hair, and all my issues, but there isnt much I can do, besides wear a wig, which I wont hahaha..So I have to just work with what I have I guess..

Your hair is beautiful!!

taylasjourneyhome said...

I WISH I had curly hair! Everyone wants what they don't have though right? My hair is super super straight and right now is in a big in between that I mean its in between short and long, in between cute and cuter, and wayyy in between professional hair cuts-- I think the last time I had my hair cut by someone licensed to do it was right after A was born (19 months) yikes. I have cut it sense then, hence the "not so cute" stage its in now. I've just resorted to pulling it back until it grows out and I can do something better with it...suggestions are welcomed.

Rags to Stitches said...

Happy 100th friend!! I'm so excited that you posted something so fun about yourself for this post. I really hope we are blessed to meet in person one day. Besties forever I just know it!! I'm beyond inspired by you and your beautiful personality. <3

Long live the curls!!

Miranda said...

Happy 100th post! Mine is only two posts away and I have no clue what to write about. It will probably end up being something even sillier than hair. Which, btw, I actually really like your crazy 80s hair. lol Mine is mostly straight with a little funky wave in all the wrong places. I could never do ANYTHING with it unless I straightened or curled it first.

sarah said...

i can relate... my hair is kind of like that too & i like it much more when i blow dry it out! oh well... :)

Wifecon said...

Happy 100th!! I have super, super, super (so super I have been known to break a few thinning scissors) thick hair...and it's straight as a board. All I want is to have a bit of curl to my hair, but I'm afraid with all the hair, it would make me have the white girl afro. I've gone from long to short ... and I can say, after 26 years, I have yet to find a length I really like. Short is easy when it's this thick, but long is fun to play around with and do all sorts of hair styles.

But my addiction is hair products - I love hair products. Is that weird??

I have learned after my 1 year old was born - I don't have time to blow dry my hair anymore. I mean really, how has time to spend 40+ minutes under a blow dryer when there is a toddler screaming and running through the house?

And I think your Steelers picture is uber adroable. :)

Jordan said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I think your hair looked awesome in every single one of those pictures but to save you some time in the mornings, have you ever had it professionally straightened? I've had mine done a few times and there are some ways that work better than others. Sometimes they just put the chemicals on. I found the best/straightest/longest lasting way is when they process, straighten with a straightener, finish the process. It stayed straight until I cut it off, except for the parts that grow in would be curly. You're so much better about hair than I am. My everyday wear is a ponytail or bun and I almost never do anything like curl my hair but it's just because my hair is so stinkin thick it takes hours to do and I just can't dedicate that kind of time. Every now and then I'll roll it up in foam rollers and sleep on in the night before and then it's crazy lady curly, 1950s style.

kimberlyBloom said...

Stephanie! I can't believe your hair is curly. I saw you once at church with your hair in curls and I wondered what device you used to get it like that. lol. You look great any way you wear it. I'm a Stephanie wannabe..haha!

Trisha said...

Oh boy do I understand! Mine is the same way. Although the longer mine gets the less crazy it is. This time of year I get an itch to chop it off so back to my normal puff ball. lol. I was voted best hair in jr high. (what were they thinkin!) :?

Laura said...

I completely understand! People get on me for straightening my hair all the time! I don't think it makes you a disgrace to woman or anything else! You look gorgeous no matter how your hair is done, so I say wear it the way you are comfortable with! Go for it girl, let the straightening commence! :)

Jami said...

First, can we talk about how drop dead gorgeous you are?! I love your curly hair pics and don't expect any sympathy from me...I'm still waiting for the perm to make a comeback!

Alely said...

happy 100th post! you're just beautiful any way you wear your hair!

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