Thursday, April 7, 2011

busy bee

i've been having fun the last few day's coming up with these custom items for my grandmothers, cousin's, brand new grand baby. they just became grandparents for the first time.
{confused? i was too.}

these are my grandparents at their 50th anniversary!
smoochie, smoochie!
aren't they just precious?! they are both full blooded italian and my grandmother actually came over from italy on a boat when she was around 13.

love them so much! xoxo

Picnik collage

ok, so i went totally springy ding ding for these pieces and love how they turned out!


the rest of the day i get to have fun watching these two little birdies {below} have a play date!


they are about twice the size now but just as adorable!

happy thursday!


Kelly said...

how sweet are your grandparents!!!
I love love love your custom items will you make me some???
have fun with you play date!

Anna of IHOD said...

Grandparents are such a beautiful testimony of real and lasting love. They are precious.
Those hair accessories are adorable! I love all your items!

Jhonatan Silva said...

cute cute!

Jordan said...

Aww I love your gmas scarf and your gpas tie. So stylish!! The springy flowers are adorable! My great grandparents both came over via boat from China. She had an arranged marriage to my grandpa who had come over as a boy. I can't even imagine how scary that would be; being sent to another country to marry a man you'd never met because your parents and his family arranged your marriage for you. Scary for him too, but he doesn't have to leave his home.

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