Monday, November 28, 2011

say cheese

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so i've been in the market for a new camera for a while now. my sad little digital camera is beyond dead and has been sitting in a kitchen cupboard for the past three years

would you believe all the photos (excluding any of the professionally taken ones} that show up on this blog are taken by my iphone? 

 yes, you probably would believe it because all my photo's look like poopy

anyhooo, i've been looking around quite a bit and thanks to the help of my brother, who works with camera's for a living, i've been steered in a pretty good direction.

the canon would be his first choice for me. don't most photographers choose canon? seems like it to me. and while i'd love to have a canon {specifically the rebel T3} if i purchase one i'd probably have to get it used because i'm not looking to spend $800 over here. hello.

so my other two options are the nikon 1 J1 and the sony NEX-3. 

i really don't know much about either of these camera's so i'm asking for input! 


if you use or know about these cameras and want to help a girl out let me know your opinion. 

but remember i don't want to spend a ton 
so don't bother trying to talk me into getting a canon 5d. 


thanks for helping my pictures look better then this! 

my daughter is cute, the quality is not.  



Erin @ {grace-filled} said...

I played with the Nikon 1 at Target and LOVED it! Obviously, I didn't have any of my shop items around or anything other than fluorescent lighting ;) but I really liked it a lot ;) Maybe go to a store and play with the cameras you're considering?

Rachel Hyden said...

i vote Canon T3i =]

Kelly said...

i don't know diddly about cameras. i have been begging for a new one. my husband has all the photography training in this house, so i'm letting him decide.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

trust me, i basically ONLY take pictures with my iPhone. i have a camera, i need to be better at using it! :)
xo TJ

LittleBlueFeather said...

The camera I purchased in August is the first one you show, the canon. I l.o.v.e. it! It is pricey, but I think if you are willing to spend 500+ on a camera, then I would look into all the SLR options.

The camera I had before my canon was a Sony and it was awesome. Unfortunately, I dropped it and broke it but it was a great in between camera. More options than a point and shoot but not as small, but not quite all the options of an SLR. The thing I loved about this camera too was that the LCD screen on the back of the camera tilted making it easier to take pictures that weren't at your eye level. Here is a link just in case you want to look into this one also. :)

Jennifer said...

Love the Canon Rebel xs. This time of year you can get amazing deals on a camera package. (Camera with an extra lens or camera bag thrown in.) Good luck with camera shopping. I think your current pictures are awesome, but I can totally understand wanting a faster, higher quality photo.

Anna of IHOD said...

Hi friend!
Finally get to catch up over here...
HAve you heard of the canon loyalty program? Anytime you want to trade in a broken or used canon camera they will give you full credit for it torwards any other canon. So when I broke mine and sent it in, they gave me 200$credit to use torwards a new one. I am always staying with them for this reason!

P.S. Can't believe we were in WI at the same time!!