Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"getting to know you, getting to hope you like me"

i'm ________ because....

{first off, who can guess the movie song lyrics my post title is from? winner get's a chicken dinner! ...not really.}

ok so i saw this post on my friend hanna's and a couple other blogs and i thought i would join in on the funny fun fun. i don't normally do this sort of thing but i figured some of you don't know me at all and maybe this will remedy that. 

I am weird because...
i could happily eat chips and salsa for every meal, every day.
i enjoy drinking barley grass.
i only wash my hair once or twice a week.
i hate the sound of silverware hitting teeth.
i blow my nose louder then you can possible imagine.
i love the burst of hot air that comes out of the oven when i open it. 

I am a bad friend because...
i hardly ever call or text. 
i would rather stay home in my pj's.
i back out of plans a lot.
i don't initiate time together enough.

I am a good friend because...
i would be there for any of my friends at the drop of a hat.
i sincerely care about their well being.
i love their kids.
i am loyal. 
i love blessing them  anyway i can.

i am sad because...

{sad's a bad word, i'm not really sad more like bummed.ha.} 

i don't want paisley to grow up too fast. 
i may only have one child.
i know that snow is on the way and summer is long gone.
i'm almost 28 and i still haven't figured out how to keep my skin from breaking out.
i may only have one child. did i already say that?

I am happy because...
i am in love with jesus.
i married the best guy. 
i have been blessed with the most precious little girl.
christmas is coming! 
i have such a supportive family and group of friends.

I am excited for...
paisley learning to talk more and more.
a possible date night in my future? please?
getting back into pilates.
a vacation.

whew. that was fun. and now it's your turn! 

hope you have a lovely wednesday! 



Michelle said...

The King and I! :-)

Michelle said...

Oh, and I really like this, and totally feel ya' about the baby thing!

Jersey Blogess said...

I dont know - but I do know you a bit better now - we have alot in common - yayyyy - you are funny also.

Jennifer said...

Love this! I may have to try it. =) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope you and your family have an amazing Holiday season. I'm SO sad that summer is gone. I'm not a fan of winter at all. I like it around Christmas then I'm done with it....haha!

Elisabeth said...

so i just found your blog (from Hannah's actually) and this was the perfect introduction!
and i loved the pictures...you were SUCH a stunning bride!

your newest follower,

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Love this!! And I love your dress and boots outfit!

Flor said...

Thansk so much for leaving me a comment! I'm so glad you did because I just got to *meet* you and know more about you! You are hilarious! and I think I'm a good and bad friend as well lol :)

Jordan said...

Aww Steph, I hope you are able to have as many babies as your heart desires. <3

Sarah B. said...

I can't figure out how to get my skin to stop breaking out either (and I'm 29!). And I'm not a fan of the sound of silverware hitting teeth :)

Hanna said...

I just LOVE this post!!! It's so fun to read everyone's answers on all the different blogs. I felt like mine was so depressing but honest. Your gorgeous STephanie. I hope you have another baby!!1 They are bring such joy!!! sending love

xoxoxo Hanna

gina said...

Oh m y g o s h so much on your weird because list is me too: I blow my nose like a horn, I can't stand silverware against teeth and I only wash my hair once or twice a week!!!
So happy and good to get to know you, you're a doll....looking forward to our blogging friendship!

gina said...

Oh and interested in what you said about maybe only being able to have one child, that might be ANOTHER thing we have in common. I'm gonna go see if you talk about that anywhere on your blog..I feel your pain.