Monday, December 5, 2011

chop chop

sooo i want to cut my hair. it's been long for a while now and i'm ready for a change.

 i need a change. 

my hair is pretty badly damaged from lord know's what. heat, pony tails, diet and probably a dozen other things. 

so i want to chop it and let it get healthy again. 

here are some of the looks i love . . . 

Picnik collage

do you have any favorites out of these?

 it's so hard to know which look will suit you, so i thought why not try one of those virtual hairstyle things and see what looks the best? 

bad idea.

Picnik collage

hahahaha. haha. haaaaaaa.

go ahead. you can laugh. i know it looks stinkin' hilarious! especially the last one. 

if i was going by this virtual mess i definitely would not be cutting my hair. but i have a feeling it will turn out a little better then this?
 {fingers crossed.}

how do you feel about cutting your hair? 

isn't it so nerve-racking? eeeeek! 

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kristyn ellen said...

I actually LOVE the whole drastic hair cutting thing. I'm really lazy with my hair, if I manage to blow dry it completely it's a good day. I had been letting it "grow out" for the past six years. But cut it above my shoulders two weeks ago.

I'm even going back tomorrow to get it a little bit shorter.

You'll love it. I like any of those styles. I LOVE Michelle Williams' cut. Or Katie Holmes. My hair is a bit curly so I can't do the bangs, but I love them. I'd take Katie's photo with me if I were you. I think you could pull that off!

Jersey Blogess said...

Okay, since you gave me permission to laugh - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - the last one IS funny - the middle isnt so bad - it actually compliments your face. and the 1st one, that was my fave until I saw how it would possibly turn out on but you cant go by these pics.

Tayla said...

I definitely think the Katie Holmes would look great on you. You kind of have the same face...kind of. As far as how I feel about cutting my hair...I do it all the time, myself. Just the other day, I was getting ready and decided I needed bangs...ten minutes later there they were!

Mollie said...

I really like the picture in the bottom right of the collage (w. the bangs). I think you could rock bangs ;) Good Luck! My hair was as long as yours at once. I chopped it all off, and it is a WHOLE new world. A much EASIER, yet sometimes lazier, world lol

Rachel Sommers said...

Hey Steph! Have you thought about donating your hair to locks of love? even thought it may be damaged, i'm sure they could use some of it! That way you know you are helping someone out at the same time! on to the hair...NEVER go by the virtual stuff. I agree that it is a very bad idea. I think you should definitely do it. Remember it is just hair and it will grow back! I think you will look great with whatever style you go with.

Ashlee said...

I LOVE! the Katie Holmes one. I think it would look amazing on you! Sometimes a girl just needs a change :) And I agree with an above comment; Donating it would be awesome! Good luck in choosing and can't wait to see what you decide!

gina said...

Hahahaha LOL what a HOOT that virtual test, oh MY!
I just cut a foot of my hair off less than a year ago! It's starting to grow back now, but it was good to do it, I had very dead hair too, and lots of old coloring in it, and it was nice to start fresh! I haven't colored my hair in over a year, (that's a first in 10 years or more), but now I'm really startin to get the greys!
anyway, I say GO FOR IT, you are young enough that if you crave you long hair back, it will grow quickly enough!
you're beautiful no matter what, I've had fun with my new haircut!

Lydia gordon said...

I think the Katie Holmes cut is cute on u!! I chopped my hair off and I LOVE it. Mine definitely wasn't as long as urs is. Its so much easier to do!! U will look so cute. Can't wait to see what u choose!!!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh gosh, you are so brave girl! i always go through a faze of wanting to cut my hair but right when i get up the courage to call for an appointment i chicken out and just get a trim or maybe a few inches off instead. there is nothing wrong with just going right at the shoulders or a little above with some cute bangs if you are even that much more daring. i'm sure anything would look great on you!!
xo TJ

Kelly said...

i love keira and scarlets cuts. if my hair wasn't so dang curly i would totally have a short style like them. but curly hair just gets curlier when it short bleh!
you'll be beautiful with whatever style you choose.
love ya!

Erin said...

I say if you feel like it ...go for it girl! I drastically cut mine my freshman year of high school (looking back...such a bold move right into high school!). It was SHORT! I finally have it long again!

Hanna said...

I like the bob Steph!!!

aklinger said...

I really like the one in the middle, it suits you very welll (: