Sunday, November 13, 2011

pretty packaging

on friday our little family decided to venture out and do a bit of christmas shopping. i must admit i'm not really the type to get in the "christmas spirit" until a few days after thanksgiving

 {gasp! i know, maybe something's wrong with me?}

but once we were out shopping our little tushies off i was beginning to feel excited about christmas. 

when we got home i pondered about how i could better present our gifts this year.
you know, really put some effort into the wrapping instead of just throwing some rudolf and santa clad paper on them.
{not that there is anything wrong with rudolf and santa it's just not super creative
and come on girls, we can do so much better then that!}

not sure what i'm talking about? check out some of these lovelies . . . 


i'm such a sucker for pretty packaging!

so, i think i will rack my creative brain and see what fun i can come up with for my christmas wrappings this year.

do you deck out your gifts in a fun way? 

oh and p.s. while we were out shopping paisley got a special treat from her daddy  . . . 


her own personalized 59/50 hat.

now she doesn't have to steal her daddy's anymore!



Sarah B. said...

She looks so adorable in that hat!!! And those packaging options are sooooo beautiful!

Godsfireball said...

Love the packaging. I was thinking maybe whoever the gift was for to put a little photo of them on the package. What do you think?

aPearantly sew said...

All of these packaging ideas are BEAUTIFUL! I'm looking forward to getting creative with my gift wrapping this year. It's one of my favorite parts of gift giving...making them look beautiful :)

Julia Kiley said...

i'm definitely going to have to do that this year! (:

Hanna said...

The wrapping ideas are amazing!!!! and Paisley is ssoooooooo cut in her own little hat:) ha! too much

Ash Louise said...

Sooo cute packaging... and Baby ♥

I love your header by the way, that photo is absolutely gorgeous!

haileynicolle said...

pretty packaging gets me every time! and singapore? that sounds like fun! to be honest, i'm learning to love the asian culture. and only some parts. sometimes i want to put a paper sack on my head and forget whats happening around me. but hey! its an adventure! and we are learning so much! your blog is darling and i'm glad you stopped by to say hello!

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